Muhammad Ali

The Greatest Fighter of All Time!

The Start of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest fighters of all time. When Muhammad begun fighting he was only 12 years old, Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville Kentucky. In 1960 Muhammad Ali fought in the Olympic games against Lvon Becot from Belgium, Muhammad won the fight and took home the gold medal.Muhammad was such a great fighter that people use to call him the American Hero, That same year when Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier it was known as the fight of the century. Muhammad won ended up wining the fight and a lot of people didn't expect it.

Free My Bro Muhammad

Muhammad Goes To Jail!

In 1967 Muhammad Ali annouced to everyone the his religion was black muslim, everyone was upset at him. so the united states government said that he had to be drafted in to the Army but he refused, since he refused he was sent to jail for 5 years with a bail of 10,000. 

Lost All Gold Medals

Muhammad Ali thought that everything was okay between the whites and the blacks but it wasnt, and one day we went to a white diner and and tried to eat there but the wouldnt let him so he go really mad, and the whites started a fight with him and they jumped him. He was so mad that he got all of his gold medals and threw them all in the Ohio River. 36 years from then he present by holding the tourch in the Olmpic Games and he was rewarded another gold medal for the ones he threw in the river.
Muhammad Ali highlights

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