Project Based Learning

Learning by Doing

Project Based learning is..
-pursuit of inquiry, which results from hands on learning and having to show what you know
-students make choices that determine the outcome and path of their research
-driving questions
-presented in public audience

Answer Questions with Questions!

Essential Guiding Questions for Project Based Learning

1. How is the project going to be graded?
2. Does the scenario need to be real or fictitious?
3. Is this relevant to the students' lives?
4. What choices are students able to make?
5. What tools can the students use to create project?
6. Can the students work with a group or individually?

Key Steps of PBL projects

1. State Standards- start!
2. Critical Friends- kids need to form honest relationships with each other that allow for feedback
3. Entry Event
4. Need to Know-
5. Rubric
6. Group Contract
7. Research and collaboration
8. Assessment and adjustment
9. Presentation
10. Final Assessment
Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning
Project Based Learning: Explained.

Student Led Environment

- Encourage questions and group work with peers
-Guide with timelines and checkpoints to keep students on task
-Your students should question, research, discover answers, generate new questions, test ideas, and ultimately draw their own conclusions without you handing them the information.
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