SLCS District Update

June 3, 2021

Note from the Superintendent

Dear SLCS Families,

It is an exciting time as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students and the end of a unique school year. Elementary students have been enjoying fun runs, track meets, and other exciting events. Tomorrow 8th graders at CMS will enjoy their 8th grade picnic while MMS 8th graders will celebrate June 11th. Prom will be taking place for SLHS and SLEHS tomorrow evening and we are excited our students get to experience this milestone event. In addition, we are looking forward to recognizing the great work of our seniors with Honors Night celebrations and commencement ceremonies scheduled for next week. Congratulations Class of 2021!

The High School Social Studies Olympiad was recently held off site for a second straight year and students from across the State were able to participate whether by mail or by attaching a video. Our South Lyon High School Team finished with the second most medals with six. Congratulations to all members of the team!

We’d like to welcome Stephanie Junkulis-Pierce to the Board of Education. Mrs. Junkulis-Pierce was appointed by the Board of Education to fill the vacant seat on the Board effective immediately. In addition, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the other individuals who expressed an interest in filling the vacant position. It is a testament to the community to have so many individuals wanting to serve the school district in this important capacity.

Looking ahead to the 2021-22 school year, we want to update families of our current plans for the coming school year. Our starting point for fall 2021 is to be back open as normal as possible. There will be two learning pathways (100% virtual and 100% in-person). Both will meet five days per week.

We are planning for the least restrictive mitigation efforts given what the current guidance is when we open in the fall. At the elementary level, we are planning to resume lunch in the cafeteria, remove the plastic dividers from classrooms, and return to normal playground use. At the secondary level, we will follow the traditional six period day, return to three lunch periods, and remove plastic dividers from classrooms. We also look forward to families being able to attend in-person school events. Masks at all levels will be consistent with whatever mandates are in place at the time school resumes. If there are no mandates, masks will be optional. Mitigation strategies that will remain in place will include maintaining our HVAC system adjustments for run time, fresh air intake, and lower particulate size filters along with maintaining a focus on cleaning and hygiene protocols.

We look forward to an exciting close to this school year and a renewed energy and enthusiasm for the 2021-22 school year.

SLCS Strong!

Steven P. Archibald


Secondary Families

High School Credit Recovery Summer Program:

The high school credit recovery summer program is full. Students who are interested in the program and have not yet registered can be added to a waiting list but we do recommend making other plans as there are no guarantees students on the waiting list will be able to join the district’s summer program. Please contact Jessica Ritter, the high school summer school administrator, at or your child’s counselor to be added to the waitlist. Counselors can also provide a list of other summer school options.

Second Semester Grades for High School Students:

If a high school student is considering choosing the CR/NC notation on their report card in lieu of the grade for the semester, a parent or guardian must fill out and return the form by June 10th for Seniors and June 21st for 9th through 11th grade students. Forms will be available on June 4th for Seniors and June 21st at for 9th through 11th grade students. Watch for communications from your child’s high school with further information.

Last week of school schedule reminder for Middle and High School students:

Monday, June 14th - full day of in-person instruction (classes 1, 2, 3)

Tuesday, June 15th - full day of in-person instruction (classes 4, 5, 6)

Wednesday, June 16th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 1, 2)

Thursday, June 17th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 3, 4)

Friday, June 18th - ½ day of in-person instruction (classes 5, 6)

Staff Shout-Out

This week’s shout-out goes to Mrs. Ali Blackwell, a 5th grade VLP teacher from Kent Lake and Sayre. In a year that is difficult on so many, the VLP kids have an even more difficult time bonding with their class and teachers. Mrs. Blackwell has bridged that gap with love, compassion and understanding. Her style of teaching is fun and engaging. Kids go to office hours just to hang out with her. She has made this tough year an amazing year for all her students!
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Reminder that students will need to keep their face mask on during the entire ride to/from school.

Students are assigned a seat by the driver. When possible, they will be seated with a sibling. It is possible students may be seated with someone they do not know.

Drivers will try to space students out, however there are some routes where social distancing is not possible. It is important to use hand sanitizer and keep face mask on the entire ride to/from school.

Remember to not send your student on the bus/to school if they are showing symptoms of illness.

Note: In regards to bus drivers wearing face masks - there may be situations where it is not safe for the bus driver to wear a facial covering. If it hinders their driving in any way, they are allowed to pull it down.

Food Service

Lunch will be offered, free, to all students who are attending in person class.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: Meals are set up as a “Grab and Go” with choices of hot or cold entrees. A free meal consists of entrée, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Wednesday’s Lunch is offered as a “Take Home” to all students every Tuesday. Students can stop by outside the cafeteria on Tuesday’s after school to pick up Wednesday lunch and 5 breakfasts.

Tuesday “Take Home” meals consist of:

(5) Breakfast, (5) Juice and (5) 8oz Milk

(1) Lunch, (1) Fruit, (1) Vegetable and (1) 8oz Milk

Ala Carte Milk: .50 cents (Milk is only free with a school lunch.)

Supply Chain Struggles: Menu is subject to change, if product is not available from the manufacturer. Menu items will be replaced with something similar or a different item.

Menu is located on the District Website under the Food Service Department.

Food distribution is available for all students not attending in person class, whether 100% virtual or quarantined, on Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 at South Lyon High School door 11.

P-EBT cards have been mailed out to families that qualify. Question & Answer Sheet, along with Help Desk phone number and email address are posted on the District Website under Food Service. Please direct questions to the MDHHS Help Desk

(833) 905-0028.

P-EBT cards are issued to families who are Free/Reduced through Direct Certification or have a current Free/Reduced application on file for SY 2020 - 2021. Families can fill-out a Free/Reduced form on-line via the District website or email a signed, hard copy to