Science Project #1

Microhabitats of my backyard

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First microhabitat

this is in the backyard

it isn't really wet there aren't any water sources.

the area is usually dark because of the surrounding trees.

the wind wasn't very strong it was about average

the ground had turned into mud from the rain

there wasn't any plant life just dead leaves and fallen branches

there were many bugs and insects feasting on the dead leaves

my dogs seem to like to hang out around that area

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Second microhabitat

there is lots of moisture because of the water faucet and the water bowl next to it

the area is usually shady because of the wall of the house and the surrounding trees

the wind is not to strong

the water and water bowl and the rain are making the ground muddy

there is a little bit of flowers and weeds growing out of the area

there are various bugs and insects in the area

lots of dead branches and leaves