Elfen Lied

My Favorite Manga

What is it about?

Elfen Lied is the story of Kouta, who is moving into an old teahouse that his aunt and uncle own so he can go to college. Upon meeting with his cousin, Yuka, she realizes that Kouta has no memory of what happened eight years ago. You see when Kouta was a child his father and sister were murdered in front of him and the trauma of the event blanked his memory. As they walk along the beach they find a girl who has blood running down the side of her face and strange horns on her head. They take her home and clean her up but it seems that all she can say is "Nyu". Seeing as how that is all she can say they decide to call her Nyu.

Unknown to them is that Nyu is a mutant known as a Diclonius! They also don't know that due to her mutation she has invisible arms known as vectors and that she also has two other personalities! She is Nyu, the kind hearted sweet girl. Kaede the outcast girl who only wants to coexist with humans. And the third only known as Kaede's "DNA Voice" who want nothing more than to destroy humanity!

As Kouta tries to remember his past he finally remembers that as a child he knew Kaede and she was the one who killed his family! What will he do? How will he handling that? You will have to read it to find out!

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