Oasis Student Ministry

Deeper With God. Closer With Each Other.

Hi Parents!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Could you tell I'm kinda into St. Patrick's Day? I hope your family did something fun for it. In the past two weeks there has been a lot going on in the Student Ministry. We also have a lot going on up until Easter. Check out the e-mail below to see updates on lessons, events, and recaps.

My Highlight

One of the highlights for me over the past two weeks was Jr. High Night! We went out bowling and it was a ton of fun. Several of the regular Jr. Higher's invited their friends out to the event which is always exciting for me to see. I was also able to connect with the Jr. Higher's in a setting outside the church walls. It's really rewarding to see the results of Jr. High Night align with why it was put into place.


Sunday Sessions

We are continuing to work through the Gospel Project Curriculum. This week we will be going over the topic of Christ as our sacrifice. There will be no Sunday Sessions on Easter.


We are continuing to work through the book of Romans. Two weeks ago we went over the first part of Romans 2, which discusses judging others. A balanced approach was given, and we landed with the application that they should find an accountability partner. We need Christian friends who deeply care about our walk with God and hold us accountable in our walk with Christ. This week we will be finishing Romans 2 by discussing how God cares more about what is going on in our heart and mind than just our external behavior.

Last week we took a break from Romans and had Messy Game Night. A twenty minute devotional was given about how God uses the messy situations in out life. I challenged the teens to write down the messy moments in their life and reflect on how God is using those things to help them grow in their walk with Him. This would be a great discussion to have with your family as a whole...hint hint :)


Parent vs. Teen Basketball Game! (6-8pm this Saturday at Berean Bible Church)

This year will be a little different than last year. We will be playing in a nicer facility and we won't have any crazy rule changes every quarter. Here are some details about finding where the Gym is at Berean Bible Church.

Step 1: Drive up the driveway until you see the church

Step 2: Park in the parking lot.

Step 3: Walk around to the right side of the building.

Step 4: Enter through the door that has the roof over it.


I realize that this is Good Friday and I understand if your family has plans for that night. Please do not give up your family tradition for this event. Sadly, this is the only night this could be done. I switch between a fun and a serious Sr. High Night. The last one was serious and now we are up to fun. If it went into April then it would mess up the flow. I again apologize about this. Here are the details.

When: 7-10pm Friday, March 25

Where: Meet at the Target in Upland Square Shopping Center at 7pm. Pick up at Chili's in that same center around 10pm.

What: We are going to be doing a fun scavenger hunt among the different shopping centers, then we will meet over at Chili's for half priced appetizers from 9-10pm.

Cost: Probably about $15-20 depending on how much they get at Chili's

General Items

Work Camp Paperwork

Wow! You guys did a great job getting the paperwork and deposit payment in on time! Love it! Thanks so much for being understanding about the notary. I realize that it is kind of a hassle. Hopefully having the notary here at the church made life a little easier.

Summer 2016 Calendar

I am looking to publish the 2016 Calendar for Oasis Student Ministry in the next couple weeks.

Spring Sport/Band/Play Schedule

I will definitely be looking forward to coming out to support your teen in whatever extracurricular activity they are involved in. If you are able to, please e-mail me their schedule now so I can start putting together my calendar for that.