Implementation of Biometric Identity Verification for Advanced Security

As implementation of biometric authentication and identity verification for improved organizational security is gaining popularity, experts consider that it is the kind of development that is going to change the face of the tech-security landscape within the next five years or so. During the coming years, the unique combination of biometric data and biological identity is expected to completely replace the user id and password protected security systems and thus offering much improved security to personal identity and also organizational information.

Biometric identification as part of a multi-layered solution will certainly lift the security to a higher level that is truly difficult to break in. It might not also be an exaggeration to say that biometric identification is now actually crossing the threshold of its technological capability and is actually entering a domain where it will be allowing integration of technology and outside environment. The amount of fraud and unauthorized access that biometric solutions for strong authentication will prevent, more than make up for the cost of implementation. As a matter of fact, the cost of implementing a biometric system is easily recovered by eliminating the costs incurred for resetting forgotten passwords, or the need to notify customers of a data breach. Some experts hold the view that increasing use of smartphones and tablets have also contributed to the urgent development of biometric authentication for the security of these devices. Biometric identity and authentication technology is certainly taking advantage of the smart devices like the high definition or touch screens in those smart phones and tablets for complete implementation of biometric two factor authentication on the gadgets. Though adoption of facial and voice recognition is gaining in popularity, identity verification through fingerprint scanning is still the most common biometric method today. Availability of a wide array of fingerprint scanner and sensor devices has also contributed to the development of this modality. By using a fingerprint sensor to fill in a user name and password, it is truly possible to completely eliminate the need to remember complex passwords resulting in increased data security and access control.

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