Islamic Golden Age

Art and Science Accomplishments

Art and Literature

  • Art of glass blowing perfected
  • Lavish Embroidery
  • Dome of the rock: domes with calligraphy and geometric design
  • House of Wisdom: book of translations

Science and Medicine

  • Chemistry & Alchemy

  • Astronomy & Medicine

  • Calculations for movement of the sun, moon and the five known planets

  • “For every disease, Allah has given a cure” which led to pharmacology and dentistry

  • Experimented with cardiology and neurology

  • Doctor Avicenna wrote “the Canon of Medicine” which became europe's medical textbook for 500 years.

Islamic Art

Science and Medicine


  • Chemistry and Alchemy
  • Astronomy and Medicine
  • Calculations for moving the sun, moon and five known planets


  • "For every disease, Allah has given a cure."
  • Lead to pharmacology and dentistry
  • They had hospitals with emergency rooms which made them pay attention to hygiene and sanitary problems.