May 22nd, 2013


Are you ready for a fun competition with your teammates?

Are you ready to win some great prizes?

Are you ready to get your June calendar booked so you can enjoy time by the pool, play with the kids, and attend those fun cookouts? Getting your shows booked now can help you to plan ahead and enjoy the first month of Summer!

So lets dive in and have our best June EVER!


1 Entry for each Booking Conversation
2 Entries for each New Booking 5/23 - 6/30
3 Entries for each Sponsoring Conversation
4 Entries for each New Stylist

*Post your entry results each day on our Facebook page to be added to the post it notes tally!*

Grand Prize - Awarded to person with the highest points!

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We know you all LOVE the Tory Burch flip flops so why not give them away again this month?!!! Your feet will be happy sporting these cute, chic flip flops this summer! ($50 value)

3 Top Prizes - Drinks & Apps at Divvy for a fun Girls Night Out w/ your Team Leaders!

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Boobie Prize - Most "No's" Collected

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The more "no's" you collect, the closer you'll get to the Yes's you'll confirm. Pouf in your color choice.

Here's how a fellow Stylist collected 38 No's, but booked 10 shows in a 7 day period of time!

"I sent notes to gals who I knew well and who know my competitive nature telling them I was in a booking blitz and I needed their help to book parties. I shared that if they provided a contact for me that booked a show, I would give them a Julep Bangle of their choice. Two of the gals I asked to help actually booked themselves."

Now lets get Booking & Sponsoring!!!!

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