Wilson Rawls

Setting and characters

The story takes place in a little house in a big field .Billy is a boy who later in the book owns two coon hounds named Old Dan and Little Ann. Billy has two sisters and a dad and a mom. Billy and his family live in the Ozarks where there are creeks and lots of trees.


Billy is a little boy who wants to have two coon hounds, but his family can't afford to get him those dogs. So billy decides to sell berries and vegetables to hunters and fishers who pass through the Ozarks. billy saves enough money to get the hounds he wants. so he travels to Tallequah two get his dogs. He hunts and plays with his dogs for as long as you can imagine. One day he enters a hunting competion, a storm picks up and Billy can't find his way out. a few weeks after that storm Old Dan dies from fighting a mountain lion. Little Ann wasn't far behind a few days after at between the graves of Old Dan and Little Ann a red fern is there. It reminds billy everyday after that of his dogs great love and bond that will never be forgotten.

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