Anatomy Trains Workshop

Saturday March 28 - Monday March 30

Many of you have heard of Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains and its revolutionary re-vision of the seamlessness of musculo-skeletal anatomy. It describes how central fascia is to postural alignment and functional ease, culminating in a new vision of bio-mechanical function. It shows us how imbalances in one part can cause dysfunction and injury elsewhere. It helps explain why the problem is often not where the pain is and how to track it down. It guides us to a simple and effective assessment, strategy, and treatment of chronic dysfunction and pain.

One third of the time will be spent exploring the theory (the new understanding of what fascia really is, what the ECM is, slow growth patterning, biotensegrity, etc), the current fascial research, and the 12 Anatomy Trains and how they either support or hinder our clients. Another third of the time will be spent learning to SEE the lines in standing posture and assess their imbalances. The rest of the time will be dedicated to Fascial Release Techniques that relate to the imbalances we find.

Anatomy Trains for Manual Therapists

March 28 – March 30


Hosted by the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

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