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Special Edition: Career Day 2018

Muenster ISD Celebrates Career Day 2018

Muenster I.S.D. held the first annual Career Day on Thursday, October 25, 2018. This day was filled with amazing lessons and speakers from Pre-K students to Seniors in High School. As a district, we would like to thank all those volunteers that took time out of their busy schedules to share their career paths with our students. With over 65 visitors to campus the students had access to so much wonderful information about careers and colleges. The younger elementary students had fun dressing up representing their future career and journaling about their dreams.

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Gainesville Economic Development Committee’s 2nd Annual Manufacturing Day

A group of juniors and seniors had the opportunity to participate in the Gainesville Economic Development Committee’s 2nd Annual Manufacturing Day. They toured Universal Machining and were able to visit with owner, Steve Trubenbach. They also traveled to Advanced Pedestal in Gainesville to tour their facility. Then over 200 students from around the county gathered at the Gainesville Civic Center for lunch and to hear from local business owners about what is important to them when they are looking for good employees. The manufacturing opportunities in Cooke County are plentiful and great options for our young adults to pursue a career in manufacturing. Muenster High School is very appreciative to the GEDC and all the area businesses for allowing us to participate in this day.

Firefighting & CPR Instruction

The Elementary students had the pleasure of visiting with Firemen in their classrooms. The Freshman and Sophomore classes were instructed in CPR by Sherman firefighter, Jamie Baggs.The students learned about the day in the life of a firefighter and were allowed to practice giving CPR using mannequins.