Zombie Walk and Drinks!


Something in Polk County for a change!

Okay, we all know the score. There's nothing in Polk County except meth, prostitution stings, and a theme park that's aimed at kids. But I propose we get together, check out Lakeland's first zombie walk, and drink until we forget we have faces. We can start at Molly's and barhop around downtown Lakeland until the festivities end.

Zombie Walk and Drinks

Saturday, Oct 13th, 5pm

111 South Kentucky Avenue

Lakeland, FL

You don't have to be from Polk County to join in! All are welcome! Check out http://www.downtownlakelandfl.com/ for more info on the stuff downtown, and while the "event" starts at five, I'm sure we'll be hanging out all night.

Rough Schedule of Events

5:00 PM Zombie stuff starts now, Nick will probably be three drinks deep at this time
6:00 PM At least two of us will probably be hammered by now
7:00 PM Drunkenly forget we're not part of the zombie walk
8:00 PM Braaaaaaaaaaainsssssssssssss.....