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The 15th and 16th century was big on literature and drama. William Shakespeare was one author that was well recognized. Come and see for yourself how William Shakespeare changed the meaning of literature. After all he did set a literal standard and opened our eyes to the beauty of literature.

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William Shakespeare ~ 1564-1616

William Shakespeare was one of the biggest dramatist known to human kind. He is known for capturing human conflicts and emotions. His plays and poems were and still are known and performed world wide. He influenced theater and literature for over 400 years. His works were innovative, had intellectual perceptiveness, and poetic power in the way he uses elaborate metaphors, rhetorical phrases, and metrical pattern. His works include The Tempest, Othello, and the poem The Phoenix and the Turtle.
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The Tempest ~ 1610-1611

The Tempest is a combination of romance and comedy. The purpose of The Tempest is to show the difficulty of human nature and remind people that the line between a happy ever after and a tragedy is very thin. It's one of his shortest plays but it displays the magical mood he was going for. He also uses many different literary devices such as soliloquies, monologues, and asides which help readers understand the plot easier.

Othello ~ 1601-1604

Othello is a tragedy that took place during war between Venice and Turkey. The theme of this play was to show the inharmonious of love and military heroism. The villain in this play ends up winning at the end because of his deceptiveness. It also displays the social order of the 16th century. Sometimes it may seem the racism in the plot is very harsh but at that time it wasn't.

The Phoenix and the Turtle ~ 1601

The Phoenix and the Turtle is both an allegory and an elegy. The phoenix and the Turtle in the title are both types of birds. The interpretation of this poem is open. The reason the meaning isn't discovered is because it was revealed only to Shakespeare's inner circle. There a chance that this poem will forever remain a mystery.
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