Oak Grove Bulletin

Dec. 12-Dec. 18

Principal's Notes

We are down to the final days before a well deserved break. Remember to reinforce your core message for your students next week. Think about what memory or feeling you want them to carry throughout the two weeks away from school. Find 3 things that you want them to internalize. It could be...1. I care for you 2. Work Hard and 3. Read a non-fiction book or...1. Keep a daily journal 2. Effort = growth and 3. I'll miss you. Repeat those 3 key ideas every day during your class meetings during the last week. Anxiety for many of our students increases before a long break. Let's be proactive and give them some things to focus on to maintain that connection to school.

Please take time to relax over the holiday. You have all worked hard for our students during this semester. We also know that we will need to hit the ground running in January, so use this break to recharge and prepare to help each and every student surpass your expectations

Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

Oak Grove Choir in action

Staff Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 5pm

10215 Grenadier Way

San Antonio, TX

Thank you to Alison Davies and family for opening their home to the staff.

***Please Read

Unfortunately, our sister school Vinyard Ranch will not be able provide presents for our children this year. They recently collected 133 pairs of shoes and 90 winter coats for our children. Focus on those two huge initiatives limited the response to the board game collection. I know we all agree that the Vinyard community selected the priority need for our students.
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