All about me

by: Chris Kim


Hi I'm Chanmin Kim, I go by Chris. I have a older brother named Chase. He goes to lamp high school and he is so good at math sometimes I ask him about some math problems. My mom is a very good cook, she stays homes and does house work. My dad is an engineer in Hyundai he is a maintenance man. I have no pets but I want one. I am Korean and I was born in Korea. My passions are playing soccer,listening to music, playing piano and guitar. My favorite soccer player is Messi I think.

My Strengths

I have strengths and weakness. First I and a good typer, put effort in everything, even eating food I put effort on, and being quiet, another strength is I am talented on soccer,and playing piano. I love to play soccer. My weaknesses are, I am a terrible speller, grammar, and memorizing.

Why I should be in your group

I should be in your group because I am very creative and ok at art I am a great typing, also fast. I'm good at math and terrible at spelling so I need people that are good at spelling and good at english or reading because I am not good at reading.