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December 2015

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Warmest Winter Wishes

If I had to choose one word to describe 2015, for me, it would be n.e.s.t.

Ok, so that's not a word... It's an acronym and it stands for:


emotional intelligence



At the start of this year, I was inspired to bring the quality of nurturing into all that I do. However, to effectively do so, I knew this meant more than merely setting an intention to be nurturing and wishfully thinking that it would occur because I "put it out there". I knew that matching intention with action was the key to experiencing the result of nurturing. I also knew that I needed to be aware of what nurturing could yield not only for myself but also for others. (And... to know how to nurture in a balanced, emotionally-intelligent way so that I didn't burn out in the process!) So I created my mission statement for 2015 which fueled my every move throughout the year.

My mission for 2015:

"I will nurture my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and myself using my emotional intelligence to experience synergy in all aspects of life and, in doing so, also enjoy relationships that thrive. "

The result?

By starting the year with this consciously chosen mission, by fueling each action with the quality of nurturing, and by monitoring and celebrating progress along the way, I experienced these wonderful things (and so much more!):

  • a greater sense of inner peace for my kids, my husband, and me
  • an optimal educational environment for my biggest kiddo
  • new, renewed, and deepened friendships :)
  • new colleagues (Eu go, Girl!)
  • a new nest-mate in my studio (stop by and meet Tulsi Bagnoli!)
  • a new joint-venture: Effortless Energy!
  • greater ability to persevere through challenges (and become wiser as the result!)
  • providing a nurturing place for others to nest, grow, and thrive
  • continued and increased ability to be transparent so that others may benefit
  • better nutrition and health for me and my family
  • moments of brilliance and ingenuity (stick around to see the results in 2016!)
  • more fun and laughter at home (who knew we could laugh more... and harder?!)

Thank You!

Many of you joined me at the start of 2015 and created your own unique fuel-focused formula. I want to thank you, my Flock Together peeps, for trusting my quirky coaching style, keeping me accountable, inspiring me each month, and letting me both challenge and nurture you. I'm continually awestruck by the goodness within human beings. In challenging times (globally and personally), you are my evidence of this. Thank you! My greatest hope is that you have gained even more than I have this year.

And to all of you... my family, friends, colleagues, and clients... I am grateful for what I share with each one of you. Whether we love together, laugh together, brainstorm together, or create together... you all have nurtured me this year. And whether it's through a quick text peppered with emojis or hours of conversation, what you share with me is valued. You are valued!

Thank you!

My best to you in 2016!

Cindy DuSair

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