David Tomlinson Autobiography

Mrs. Lobitz Period 2

Chapter One: My name

What's a name? A description? Something to live up to? A testament to who someone is? Or perhaps in some cases a name can be a boat anchor. Who is David Tomlinson? What is David Tomlinson? The story of my name begins with my grandfather. My grandfather’s name is David Patrick Tomlinson. That is how I received my first name, David. My father’s name is Stephen Patrick Tomlinson. His name became my middle name, Stephen. Putting the two names together makes David Stephen Tomlinson, my name. My name was decided by my parents as they discussed and weighed the options of which names were the best to choose and what qualities each of the names they thought of had. Jacob and Stephen Patrick Jr. are both names that my parents considered but didn’t choose. My name was finally decided within twenty four hours after I was born. But, that story only answers what my name is, how I got my name, and why I got my name. I want to explain what my name means to me and how I think of my name. I feel that my name is a standard I must live up to. I really look up to my grandfather, he has accomplished a lot and is very wise and intelligent. Having the same first and last name makes me strive to be like him. The name David is a name that doesn’t seem as common as other names and I’m glad that it isn’t. I would never consider changing my name. I’m proud of my name because of how it resembles my family and who I am. I think it is also important to include some of the nicknames I have/had. Some of my friends call me David but pronounce it in kind of a spanish way, sounding similar to daveed. Some of my teachers have called me Dave and last year my science teacher, Mr. Perket called me Daver. All those nicknames are great but, I really enjoy the name David. My name represents me, my family, and continuously reminds me that I am David Tomlinson and I can achieve anything with hard work just like my grandfather.

Chapter Two: The Day I was Born

In this chapter, I would like to share some information about the day I was born. My birthday is June 13, 2000. I am 5227 days old. Here is a picture of what the moon looked like when I was born; the moon phase was called Waxing Gibbous II. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, TV Actresses; Chris Evans, Movie Actor; Tim Allen, TV Actor; Lil Snupe, Rapper; Mike Smith, Falcons Coach are a few people who share June 13th as their birthday. Here are some cool events in history that happened on June 13th: Miranda Rights were established, Alexander the Great died, Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the Supreme Court, Meriwether Lewis reached the Great Falls, WWII Germans launched V-1 rocket attack on Britain, Christy Matthewson throws second no-hitter, Thomas Jefferson subpoenaed in Aaron Burr’s treason trial, Lafayette arrives in South Carolina, Hurricane Agnes is born, and Pioneer 10 (NASA spacecraft) left the solar system. Here are some surprising statistics from the 2000s: a postage stamp only cost 33 cents, a Rolls-Royce Corniche V cost 359,900 dollars, a Toyota Corolla cost 12,418 dollars, and local four bedroom house cost 96,000 dollars, a gallon of milk cost 2.88 dollars, and going to the movies was only 5.06 dollars. Bill Clinton was president when I was born. The popular toy was the Teksta Robotic Dog. Some hit movies of that year were: Gladiator, Cast Away, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Highest Grossing), and Charlie’s Angels. The biggest movie stars were: Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Drew Barrymore, and Jim Carrey. Survivor and Malcolm in the Middle were popular TV shows at the time. A popular song was Breathe by Faith Hill. Not that it has really changed, but back in 2000 football was a very popular sport. Peasant tops and shiny pants were very fashionable but not necessarily worn together when I was born.

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Chapter Three: Storage Trunk

In this chapter, I will talk about some memories of my parents and grandparents and explain how I feel about them. In my grandparents’ house they have a box with many pictures in them of events in my parents’ lives and of their lives as well. One album is of my grandfather when he was in boot camp for the Korean War. There are many pictures of his surroundings, the tents he was in, people he was with, and some of the cool things he saw. There is a picture of him standing next to a large tank and there are other pictures of him standing near his tent where the soldiers dug trenches to keep the rain from flooding in. Another album is of my parents’ wedding. Throughout the album there are pictures of my family that are dancing and having a good time. There are pictures of my family and I found it very interesting to see my family from over a decade ago and to see them celebrating my parents wedding. The war album is very important because my grandfather learned a lot from the war and part of who he is came from the Korean War. The album came from the camera he used in the Korean War. The album has been saved because of how important the album was to him.

The album of my grandfather revealed a glimpse of how he lived during the war and how proud he is to have been in the war. It shows how he is affected by the war because whenever he sees someone in uniform he always talks to them and thanks them. The album of my parents’ wedding reminded me of the people in the pictures who have passed away and revealed to me what people were like back then and showed them having fun and enjoying themselves.

The box I found these items in was a medium sized wooden rectangular box.

Chapter Four: My Personal Alphabet

A is for attentive. I am attentive most of the time when I am interested.

B is for better. I'm better than I was yesterday but not as good as I'm going to be tomorrow.

C is for cumbersome. I am quite clumsy.

D is for definite. I usually stay firm with my ideas.

E is for easy-going. I am one to go with the flow.

F is for fortunate. I am so lucky to have a generous family.

G is for genuine. I do not portray behaviors that would be against my true character.

H is for hilarious. Hilarious is how my mom describes me everytime I ask for something we both know I'm not going to get.

I is for idealistic. I ponder upon ideas about my future.

J is for jade. Jade is one of my favorite colors.

K is for kind. I always try to treat others as I would have someone treat me.

L is for lighthearted. I think I am carefree.

M is for modest. I find it difficult to talk about myself.

N is for nifty. I can juggle, that's pretty nifty. I'm almost ready to add a second ball.

O is for obedient. I listen and do as people say, most of the time.

P is for productive. I am productive when I focus on practicing my part in music.

Q is for quick-witted. I am quick to think of joke or pun.

R is for ready. As a Boy Scout I follow the motto of being prepared which makes me ready.

S is for somewhat sarcastic. At times when I am kidding I give borderline sarcastic replies.

T is for tall. I am taller than my mom and dad.

U is for uncommon. I am very uncommon considering there is no one else exactly like me.

V is for voracious. I am voracious when playing with my dog.

W is for willing. I am open to do and try new things.

X is for xenodochial. I am often friendly to people I do not know or know well.

Y is for youthful. I am only fourteen years of age.

Z is for zealous. I am zealous about things I love and am interested in.

Chapter Five: A Family History

This chapter is about how my family came to America and about how we spend time together in the times we see each other throughout the year, one event is Thanksgiving dinner. My immediate family is my mother and father. For Thanksgiving, my family went to my grandparent's house on my dad's side. My Uncle Francis, my grandparents, Great Uncle Frank, Great Aunt Joanne, cousin Gina, my parents and I were all at the Thanksgiving dinner. My grandfather sat at the head of the table and I sat to the right of him.

At the dinner there was tons of food including: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, oyster casserole, and corn casserole. Then we had coconut, apple, blueberry, and pumpkin pie with ice cream for dessert.

My grandfather’s mother came to this country in 1924. She was only sixteen when she came over by herself. She left Ireland because she didn’t like Gaelic and did not like farming. She had an education but she did not have many skills and became a domestic maid. My grandmother’s grandparents came from Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Her grandfather left his wife and kids to go make money in the US and bring them all over. The rest eventually came over through Ellis Island and met up with him in Conshohocken. My grandmother’s mother was born in the states and had to take up responsibilities in the family when her mother died during the flu epidemic in 1929. My grandmother’s father was a laborer. My grandmother’s family was very close together. Some of the cousins even lived on the same block.

My grandmother’s generation began to have kids and to make sure the family wasn’t growing too distant the idea of having a family reunion was created. The family reunions began occurring annually in the 1970s. Each group in the family would bring one dish and everyone would be able to eat and reminisce and talk with each other to catch up with family that lives farther out. There would also be games for the children so they could get to know each other.

One of my grandmother’s uncles was involved in landing on the beaches of Normandy in WW2. He was a paratrooper and was injured severely during his mission and earned the Purple Heart. I consider him a hero because the jobs of paratroopers were very dangerous and its required a lot of bravery to be a paratrooper.

My grandmother has some china that has been passed down through the generations and someone in the family is in possession of her uncle’s purple heart medal.

My grandmother likes to knit and she learned this from her mother. Her mother

would often crochet afghans as blankets and my grandmother has many and she keeps them tucked away to be passed down again. She has given one to me and my father and other members of our family.

Chapter Six: And the Band Played On

Music is very important to me. I am in band and enjoy music very much. I usually listen to jazz music or to songs that are recommended to me. Some musicians that I like are: Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Oliver Nelson, Dizzy Gillespie, Darude, Rick Astley, and Taylor Swift. Some songs I like are: Night in Tunisia, Take Five, Sandstorm, and You Belong with Me. If I had to choose a song as my theme song I would pick Night in Tunisia performed by Miles Davis and Charlie Parker. The song uses dynamic changes a lot and brings out the harmony during parts of the song; something that I appreciate very much. Being able to hear the different parts of the song and hearing how they fit into the song is very appealing to me. This song represents me in the sense that the song goes with the solos and makes the sections of the song seem seamless and like a continuous flow of music. I feel that I go with the flow and tolerate the actions or events going on around me while still adding my thoughts and ideas rather than going against the flow and only doing my own thing. I have included the audio link to Night in Tunisia below .

Miles Davis & Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia

Chapter Seven: Likes and Dislikes


duke ellington

horace silver

phil woods

david sanborn

rick astley

second partita in d minor in bach’s chaconne

c sharp minor quartet

grosse fugue

take five

the cannon shots of the 1812 overture


full nelson - oliver nelson



angry drivers

“modern” art. (sorry)

walking from fifth to sixth period

walking home in the snow
having to use landline phones or other people’s phones all the time
people who buy 300 dollar basketball shoes and don’t play basketball
“fake” people. people who aren’t true to themselves or others.
death metal music
people who always argue or force their opinion on you
soccer (watching it at least)
running the mile in gym

Chapter Nine: Unfinished Sentences

I usually worry about upcoming projects, mainly my transcription project.

I feel angry when I practice a part over and over again and still cannot get it.

I’m moody when I’m pressed to talk about things I don’t want to talk about.

I happiest when I have played well at a jazz fest or accomplished something difficult

I feel confident when I know my part cleanly and have all the pieces together.

I feel frustrated when people don’t appreciate dank memes, Rick Astley, and certain jazz charts and their qualities.

I feel depressed when I see those 5 minute long ASPCA commercials. I cannot watch them.

I am comfortable when I’m not constantly thinking about my transcription project.

I feel nervous when in close proximity situations or when I have to play my part by myself or literally whenever we play Chorale and Shaker in band.

I feel sentimental when my friends are upset or when I listen to Duke Ellington.

Chapter Twelve: My Year In Reading

The hummingbird buzzes the bungle with beautiful grace

Deep down in the daffodil, over to the next in a heartbeat

Gladdened by his work, the bird puffs out with pride.

The hummingbird over past the fence post, perches;

the hummingbird lays its head to rest inside its nest

and in its nest, silence now prevails.

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Chapter Thirteen: Friendship

In this chapter, I will be talking about my friends and how I met them and why they are important to me. My closer friends are Liam Theveny (aka Calvin or Yung/Fre$h Lime), Justin Senackerib (Jay Snacks), Alex Anderson (Preston), Daniel Breslin (Danny Brez), Garrett Meo (Cojudo), and Robby Merillat (Robby Red-Hawk). I met Garrett, Alex, and Justin from Indian Lane when I moved in during fourth grade. I distinctly remember that I met Garrett on the first day when there was only one seat left open next to Garrett. Justin and I met after we were seated together (alphabetical) in Mrs. Haskell’s class. Alex I met more so in fifth grade where we had a lot of fun with Alex’s tomfoolery and aptitude with computers. I met Robby when I was in Cub Scouts with him and Garrett. I met Liam and Dan when I joined band in seventh grade. Dan played trombone and Liam plays trumpet. Anyway, we usually get together at one another’s house to hang out. I am friends with these people for many reasons. A main reason is that they are very funny and can appreciate humor. But, another reason is that I have been put in various situations and groups like band and groups like band really bring people together. However, probably the most important reason these people have made it on this list because I know they have my back and are very supportive and kind but also that they know I have their back too.

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