Anime Monthly

Issue I


Sword Art Online

In the year 2022, the VMMORPG (virtual massive multi-player online role playing game) began selling world wide, along with a device called the Nerve Gear, which is the key to sending the player into the virtual reality of Sword Art Online. However, shockingly, players are unable to logout, and no one from the outside is able to log a player out by removing the nerve gear. In addition, if a player were to die in the game, he or she would die in real life.

Kirigaya Kazuto, game name Kirito, is one of the billions of players trapped inside the virtual space, making his way to the top, in order to exit the game and find reason to Sword Art Online's creator's actions.

Sword Art Online English Dub Trailer

Blast of Tempest/ Zetsuen no Tempest

One day, two trees appeared suddenly; the Tree of Exodus and the Tree of Gennesis, along with a sickness which turns the human body into metal. Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino are right in the middle of this when they learn about magic and come in contact with a girl from the past. Everything happens for a reason, from the moment Fuwa Mahiro's siter, Fuwa Aika, was murdered, to the spread of the black iron disease.

The stage has been set.

Blast of Tempest Official Trailer

Monthly Featured Character!

Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

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Winry is a mechanic who is childhood friends with brothers Edward (Ed) and Alphonse (Al). She specializes in mechanical repair, specifically auto mail. From time to time, Winry services Ed's artificial leg and arm.


Featured Musical Artist


Elisa is a Japanese singer and model from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. In October 2007, she debuted "Euphoric Field", which was featured as the opening song for the anime EF: A Tale of Memories. Many of her songs have been featured in a multitude of animes including: "Hikari" in Nabari no ou, "God Only Knows" in The World God Only Knows, and "I'm By Your Side" in Valvrave the Liberator.
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The World God Only Knows OP
Hikari - Elisa [Full Version]

Anime Openings

Be honest, the opening is one of the best parts of almost every anime.
Tari Tari - Opening 1 [HD]
Myself; Yourself opening
[1080p HD] Toradora OP 2

How Many Can you Name?

How many characters can you identify?
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That's it Folks!

This would be it for Issue 1 of Anime Monthly! If you would like to see more content next month, or would like to submit a summary, review, or make suggestions for the featured artist or anime openings for the month, feel free to contact me at:

Thank you.

Anime openings:

-Three openings (or endings) are chosen a month.

-Only one song will be chosen for one anime. For example, if an opening for one anime was suggested, then an ending for that same ending was suggested, only one will be chosen.

-In addition, the openings will have a theme such as youkai, school, love, vampires, comedy, and older animes.

That being said, next month's issue will involve monsters and spooks of all kinds. Be ready for some Rosario + Vampire, Ghost Hunt, Pet shop of Horrors, and more!

One more thing. If anyone has a better name for the flyer title, please email me.