My Life Map

Khalid's Life

My Proactive Decision

My proactive decision is to finish high school and get my diploma and head to college. I want to study international business and take over my dad's company. the reason that i have to quit smoking is to be healthy and be able to take over his company.

Personal Development I have achieved

  • I have achieved lots of experiences in my life in both positive and negative ways that people do not know about. like dealing with different kind of good and bad people with lots of school issues.

  • The social achievement i had in my life was to interact with people and get to know their personality more and more through social media like Facebook,Instagram, twitter and other social medias. The other reason is that i wanted to interact with people who i knew i could trust in any possible way.
  • Adolescent Development Tasks Addressed by Me

    I have changed a lot through out my life I have become more mature, I started dressing different and I'm more self reliable. reason for that is now I can take care of myself and my parents don't need to be worried about me all the time, because now I'm more responsible I know what I'm doing with my life.

    I'm always independent , I don't need my dads financial support because I work I and pay for my school, daily needs and personal needs . I am also responsible for what i do with my money and life in order to have a good future.


    I see my self as a smart young man who knows how to do business and handle money in a smart way.

    the person I would like to be like in the future is my dad because my dad is a business man who held a lot of money in his life but never let money take control of him.

    I am really good in having a good and friendly relation ship with people around me and have them appreciate my behavior and respect me, which includes my family, friends, and teachers .


    Respect is one of the most important element of my life, Respecting people around you would give you back respect. I always respected my parents, friends, teachers this made my life easier because respect shows who you are.

    Responsibility is something very important in a persons life because taking responsibility shows if you can take care of yourself. My dad knew I grew up and became more mature after I started taking responsibility for my self.

    trust is a hard thing to gain and me personally I don't trust many people if some one I trust loses my trust he will never gain it back its like a paper if you crumble it ,it will never be perfect again.

    My mom and dad are the most people the cared about me my whole life and now its my turn to take care of them.


    1. I have money that can help pay for my school needs ,personal need and daily spending.

    2. My dad has been supporting me since I was a kid and still does and hell be always there for me when I need advice or financially.

    3. I learned how to my manage time because I had a job which was part time and I was attending school during the day so that taught me how to manage my own time.

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    Reflect On The Map

    I incorporated the learning skills and things I need to know in order to be successful in the future. all this includes working hard, achieving goals I have set for my self in order to have a successful life . The reason why I made my map today is because this map represents the life I live and the life I have planned for myself in a couple of years. I planned to follow all the steps in order to achieve what I want and what will make me successful.