Womans Role in WW2

By: Payton Admas and Mackenzie Dearing

~Women played a huge role in ww 2 at home and on the battlefield, which helped america win the war~

~The changing images of woman's role

~Woman were needed to take the jobs that were traditionally filled by men.

~Ads were produced to encourage the woman to join into the military.

~Woman joined in nursing camps, along with the armed forces.

~The woman were encouraged to get into professions.

~The "Gov Girls" were a group of woman that came to DC in support and help of the fed gov, and "behind the scenes" of war.

Women's roles in Factories in World War Two


~WAVES (Women Accepted For Volunteer Emergency Service) was a program in which helped the support of the U.S and held the same status as the U.S navy reserve.

~WASPS (Women’s Air force Service Pilots) was another program that helped and supported the U.S however they also helped with the transportation of cargo, and planes, they helped free male pilots from their jobs, so they could go fight in the war.

~Rosie the Riviter

~Although the famous Rose The Riveter is just a fictional character, whom based off a real person, helped many more woman join the army, she also was a basis for the "ideal" woman.

~Rose helped the campaign be one of the most successful recruitments in history.

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