Week of December 21st

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I cannot express how touch I am by the kindness and generosity you have show this week. The kind emails, homemade cards, and gifts galore, truly humble me.

I feel so fortunate to be at Solana Ranch and even more fortunate to spend my day with your child.

From my family to yours,

Happy Holidays!

214 news...Parody Plays

by Annie, Liz, and Selena

This week, we did parody plays. It’s where we write a parody to a fairy tale and act it out to help the kids understand parodies better.

Here are the plays:

  • The Three Little Pigs Troll(Parody of the Three Little Pigs)

    • Summary: The pigs want to troll the Big Bad wolf, but the plan isn’t going very well. Will they defeat the Big Bad Wolf, or will the Big Bad Wolf eat them?

    • Overall rating by us: 7/10

  • The Three Unicorns and The Big Bad Dragon(Parody of the Three Little Pigs)

    • Summary: The three little unicorns build their houses, but the destructive dragon tries to destroy them. Will they stop the Big Bad Dragon in time?

    • Overall rating by us: 9/10

  • Little Blue Alicorn(Parody of Little Red Riding Hood)

    • Summary: Little Blue Alicorn goes through the dangerous forest to deliver the delicious cookies. Will he overcome the enemies that await him?

    • Overall rating by us: 5/10

  • Cinderellie(Parody of Cinderella)

    • Summary: There is a party going at Cinderellie’s school, so she borrows some beautiful shoes. She must return them by 12:00, and things start to fall apart when it gets to 11:50...

    • Overall rating by us: 10/10

  • Brownielocks and the Three Bears

    • Summary: Brownielocks goes to find brownies for her great grandmother, and she ends up at the beach. The three bears leaves to Krispy Kreme to find Papa bear some donuts. Brownielocks stumbles upon a cabin, the Bears’ cabin.

    • Overall rating by us: 8/10

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful Winter Break!