Jurassic Park

By: Michael Crichton

About Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was built to entertain and capture the minds of children and adults all around the world. This park was a zoo, but not any ordinary animals lived here. Animals that died thousands of years ago were genetically engineered to yet again roam the earth. Off the coast of Costa Rica tourists can visit this park and take a tour of the park in electrically powered jeeps and observe ancient dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

Into the Story

A group of paleontologists are invited to take the tour at Jurassic Park so they can become endorsers of the park. Everything was going just as expected, everyone was loving the dinosaurs, but when a storm rolls into play and someone mysteriously cuts the power to the park, the dinosaurs can no longer be contained.

Some of our top attractions

Protagonist: Dr.Grant

Antagonist: Dinosaurs and Nedry

Greek Mythology VS Jurassic Park

Greek Mythology and Jurassic Park had one major similarity, MONSTERS.

Greek Myths had terrifying creatures in them and in Jurassic Park those fears come back to life in the form of Dinosaurs.