Announcing the Winners Tomorrow!

Good Morning!!

Get ready for the winner's S'more. We will be sending it out tomorrow morning!

Selfie Winners!!!!

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Most Inspired!

The Unbound readathon contest is a first for so many of our students. I am opening our Most Inspired form until this Friday. The nomination form is for a student who was most inspired by the Unbound readathon to overcome a challenge. I look forward to reading your submissions. We will recognize winners with a book prize!

Nomination Form: Most Inspired


There is an extra day on your tracker...why not take advantage of another day to READ!

You can update tallies you have already submitted. Just make a note when you resubmit!

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Unbound Updates!

Happy Friday!

I have published all of the book selfies. Thank you all so much for making them. They are my favorite challenge.

I am going to start sending out prizes on Monday.

Encourage your students to read a lot this weekend. We are almost to the finish line.

Keep up the great work!

Protagonists are in the LEAD!!!!

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Congratulations to the following student who had their book reviews published on our website!

D’Angelo B - Pinellas County JDC

Sierra B - McLaughlin

Precious D - Hillsborough Girls Academy

Brendan H - Wilson Creek Group Home

Nathan K - Wilson Creek Group Home

Josiah L - McLaughlin

Carley M - Hillsborough Girls Academy

Chris M - New Madrid Youth Center

David M - Cuyahoga Hills JCF

William M - McLaughlin

Ny P - Virgie Winford Education Center

Patience S - Pinellas County JDC

WINNER!!!! Second Week of TRIVIA!

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Week Four Challenge: Book Selfies


Share your book selfie with us this week! We want to get to know our readers. Take a picture that allows the first book you are reading to cover your face and answer our book selfie questions. Book selfies will be shared so we can get to know our readers. Selected selfies will win prizes.

Click here to download the Book Selfie Template.

Click here to submit a book selfie.

Only book selfies will be shared. We will not identify the school or students.


Bulletin Boards!!!

We really enjoyed all of your bulletin boards!! I am so impressed by your creativity! Keep up the amazing work.

First Place- Charles Britt

Second Place- Hillsborough

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Third Place- Sierra Osage

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Unbound Updates

PLEASE turn in your tally sheets! Tomorrow I will start emailing people who are missing tally sheet submissions.

***Need to change your tally? Just resubmit it with an update. Add a note at the bottom of the form. This helps me keep all 102 submissions in one place.

Today is the official last day for bulletin board pictures but you can still send them until Friday morning if you had snow days. We will announce the winners in the afternoon on Friday.

Next Monday is President's Day...we will move everything ahead a day...tallies are due Tuesday and trivia will be announced Wednesday.

Next week's challenge is Book Reviews. Each student can submit a single book review. A select group will be published here and will win a book!

Click here for the book review template.

Click here to submit your book review.

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Shout OUT!

Danielle Maco shared this incredible resource that she made for tracking her student's minutes for Unbound. Click here to download. Way to go, Danielle!

Bulletin Boards!

Thank you for sending your bulletin board pictures. Tomorrow is the last day for submissions. That being said...I know some of you are getting snow days. If that impedes your ability to turn in your bulletin board just send me an email.

We will announce the winners on Friday. Next week will be our book report challenge. I will share the information tomorrow to help you get that started.

Keep sending in your tally submissions! We have 40 submissions and we are missing 60!

WINNER!!!! First week of trivia!!!



A lot of people have been requesting access to the master tally sheet. There are two ways to edit the sheet...1. File- Make a Copy and 2. File- Download as Excel. There is a picture below that will help you! We have 25% of our tally sheets in...keep them coming!!!
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Leaderboard is LIVE!!!

Click here to see the leaderboard. As I get in your week one score I will update the board. Scores are due tomorrow. If you send your score on Monday you will receive the week 1 quiz. Responses are due back the same day. Tuesday morning I will post the winners and prizes!

****Please use the Weekly Report Form to submit your weekly tracker. Click here to watch the video that shows you how to use the tracker and submission form. Thank you!


All three schools will receive a PRIZE!

Next week's challenge!

Thank you for your book pictures. They are amazing! We will be announcing our winners tomorrow.

Next week our challenge is the bulletin board contest. Create a decorative bulletin board for Unbound. Here are some things to keep in mind...

  • students should be involved in designing and decorating
  • incorporate your team antagonist or protagonist into the design
  • Don't have a bulletin board? NO problem...decorate a wall, door, whiteboard, etc!

Send pictures of your final product to kcrawford@ceeas.org by next Wednesday!

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Tomorrow is the last day to email your book pictures. Get creative like the one below from last year! We are LOVING the ones you have submitted so far!

Send pictures to: kcrawford@ceeas.org

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Launch Day!!!

Our first day is finally here!!!

Thank you for all of your photo submissions for the contest. You guys are so creative. I love them all so much! It will be hard to pick a winner! Keep them coming...we will accept them until Wednesday.

A few schools are still waiting for books. They should be there very soon. If you don't have them by Tuesday send me an email. Don't forget that you can read any book and that these book bundles are just to help you kick things off.

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Unbound Teams!!!

Tomorrow morning I will post a video of a live drawing of our Unbound teams!!!! TUNE IN!!!
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Unbound: Getting Started

It is time for us to start getting ready for Unbound. I have updated the teacher resources below and added a video guide to walk you through the readathon. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Each week students will read and track their minutes on the Student Tracker Bookmarks. The teacher will collect the bookmarks each week and add them to the Weekly Tracker. On Mondays, the teacher will submit the tally sheet to the Weekly Report Form. Click here to watch the video that shows you how to use the tracker and submission form. This year we will not have any podcasts but we would still like to keep doing trivia. Trivia will be sent to teachers who turn their tally sheets each Monday. Students will have one day to complete the trivia and winners will be drawn on Wednesdays. This year we will have two teams instead of four. Teams will be announced this Wednesday, Jan. 30 via video. I will send the link out at 9 am (CST) on the S'more. There will be two winners on each team. More on this and prizes soon!!!

Teacher Resources:

Weekly Tracker ** See below the pic below for next steps. Email me if you cannot open this link.

Student Tracker Bookmarks

Weekly Report Form

Tracker and Submission Video

Each week we will have a weekly challenge. This first challenge is the book opening challenge. We do have a few schools participating that signed up too late for books. No worries. Get creative with the books your students are excited to dig into first! Please remember that pictures should not include faces. I have uploaded some great examples below!

We have a special award to share with you. You may have a student finish their first book ever as a part of Unbound. We hope you will print out and give them this award. Click here to download.

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Shipping Update!


We just got word from Scholastic book bundles should arrive next Friday! I know you are so excited to get started. I will be working over the weekend to get all of the content and teacher materials uploaded. Thank you for your patience as we make a lot of updates this year. I am looking forward to making our fifth anniversary of Unbound the best ever!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Unbound Calendar

Happy Friday!

Click here to download the calendar. Next Friday I will launch all the activities and the teacher video. Look for lots of changes this year!



Welcome to the Unbound S'more!


Keep this site bookmarked! We will have lots of updates in the coming days. Mary Cooper asked me to make a poster to build some excitement. Click here to download a PDF of the poster below!

We will be starting on February 4th!

Please email me (kcrawford@ceeas.org) if you have any questions.

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