Physical Consequences

  • When you smoke it becomes harder to breath
  • When tobacco burns it forms tar in your lungs and that's when lung disease happens
  • If you play sports you may not be able to play because its harder to breath when you smoke
  • Nicotine increases heart rate and causes blood vessels to become narrower
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Social Consequeces

  • You may lose friends because they don't like that you smoke
  • you can lose friends because if they hang around you they become second hand smokers
  • you may lose your girl/boy friend because they don't want a old looking boy/girl friend and when you smoke you start to look older than you are
  • you may lose even more friends because one puff of smoke can harm all the people around you
What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking?

Mental and Emotional

  • it kills brain cells
  • You may be upset or mad all the time because you have no friends

The Dangers Of Using Tobacco

I think that people should not use it because you may lose the friends you really ''LOVE'' because they don't like that you smoke. its can kill brain cells meaning your becoming dumber. You may not ever get married because nobody want's to put a ring on your finger because your fingers are yellow and stained!!! You may never make it into the NFL because its hard to play sports when you smoke. You may never kiss nobody because you will be coughing a lot. You may have one person come to your wedding (your mom) because no one likes you!!!. You may never get a job because your always coughing. You may turn into a loner because with all the diseases you have they might say you have cancer.