BY: Khamillah Lamar-Reevey


Egyptians mostly eat rice, bread, fish, lamb, chicken, turkey and stuffed vegetables. Tahini is a sesame seed pasta that some Egyptians eat. Some Egyptians eat tomatoes and cucumbers. the Quran forbids any Muslims from eating pork and drinking alcohol. Aish is a Egyptian bread.

The Holidays

Egypt celebrates common holidays that we celebrate her in America like Christmas and Labor Day.Egypt also celebrates some of there own holidays like Eid al-Fitr, Sharm El Nessim. Islamic New year, and Revolution Day

Personal Appearance

Business uniforms are worn in Egypt some people also wear western wear in Egypt . Just like in school Egypt also has a dress code it is best to stay modest when you are in Egypt. Remember if you go to Egypt respect the dress code


Arabic is the main language in Egypt. Most films and music are made in Arabic. Egyptians are prod of there language.

The name Kamillah is a girl's name originated from the Arabic culture. Kamillah means perfect. Kamillah is pronounced as \k(a)-millah, kam(il)-lah\.