Dictatorship/command (3.3)

By cheyenne coon


The government will have the power to make decisions. The government gets to decide who has the power and who will be in charge.

Decision Making

All of the decisions will be made by the government. The government will be the only ones with a say in the decisions.


People will have the right to buy what they want from the markets.

People will have the right to have a job.

People will have the right to have a home.


The people will produce the goods. But the government will get all the money from the sales. The government will also be able to trade goods with other countries.

Acquisition of Goods

The people will only be aloud to buy what the government allows. The people will also only be able to sell the goods that the government allows.

Government Impact

The government will control how much the people get paid. They will also control what type of jobs they are aloud to have. They will also control everything else that goes on in the country.