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February 3, 2023

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Hello Wolf Pack,

Teachers reviewed Quarter 3 PACK Expectations with students this week. While leaving backpacks, purses, fanny packs, and bags in lockers, has been an expectation all year, we did emphasize that we will be enforcing that consistently. A pencil pouch in a binder is a good spot to carry their needed supplies and materials.

We are also consistently enforcing cell phones, earbuds and other tech. There was a significant increase in the # of students with earbuds in throughout the day, along with students on phones: during class, leaving class to use phones in the hall or restroom, etc. We communicated with students that they may ask a staff member if they need to use their phone for something reasonable, otherwise, if phones or earbuds are out, they will go to the office for the remainder of the day.

Thank you for partnering with us around this, as we want students to engage in their learning and to take advantage of the time to socialize with others. Please limit your communication via student cell phones during school hours.

Finally, Mr. Larsen and Mrs. Hurst really appreciated the response from our Wolf PACK as we presented in classrooms around Student Responsibilities and Rights, specifically about bullying, language, and discriminatory harassment. Students could see how quickly "messing around" and "teasing" a classmate can quickly get out of hand and become a serious issue with corresponding discipline.

*Note: We linked both the Q3 PACK Expectations and the CVSD K-12 Student Responsibilities and Rights in case you have any questions or would like to view them.

This Week & Upcoming Events:

This Week:

  • Fill the Truck Food Drive continues. See information below.
  • A.S.B. Candy Grams: sales begin during lunches Feb. 9th.
  • Yoga Fundraiser at The Mat on Saturday, Feb. 11. Details below.
  • See boys' basketball game schedule below.

Coming Soon:

  • Boys' Basketball Games on Feb. 13th will be held @ Ridgeline High School with games beginning between 3:30-5:45. More details to follow next week.
  • Feb. 14- Group pictures for yearbook
  • Girls' Basketball begins Feb. 16. Sign up in Final Forms now.
  • Conferences Feb. 22-24- Be watching for information about our new focus and format.
  • Career Fair Feb. 24
  • Pack Attack High 5 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament-- March 3rd. Sign up forms are available at lunch.
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Fill the Truck Food Drive

It's the time of year, when all of our CVSD Middle School collaborate with Spokane Valley Partners to help our community in a big way. Beginning Monday, we will compete to "Fill the Truck" with donated non-perishable food items. Our 1st period classrooms will be competing to see who can bring in the most and earn the most points.

Point values are - ramen and tiny cans are 1/2 point, regular size cans are 1 point, and giant cans and peanut butter are 2 points.

Help us "Fill the Truck!"

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Thank you

Thank you to ALL the people helping to make our basketball season possible, including guest referees, Mr. Weis and Mr. Holestine, the Ridgeline students who are helping ref, do the score board and clock, and to our AMAZING coaches.
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2nd Quarter Art Show

Please take a moment to enjoy the fabulous creations featured in Mrs. Tinkham's Q2 Art Show.

Also viewable on youtube:

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Congratulations to the 2 quarter Selkirk Summit Award Winner Champions!

1- Gavin Hayden

Olivia Hughes

2- Brontë Marshall

3- Makinley Simmelink

Miley Motz

Micah Swanson

IreLynn Hunt

4- Gurnoor Gill

Kinston Akre

5-Nikita Kirchenko

6-Kalia Blanchard

Carrigan Nguyen

Kade Teske

Dylan Ferguson

Well done!! We are proud of your efforts in Health & Fitness!

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Contacts at Selkirk Middle School

Attendance Line: 558-6207 (or email:

Principal, Ty Larsen:

Asst. Principal, Jen Hurst:

Counselor, Connie Mott:

Head Secretary, Mandi Daniels:

Assistant Secretary, Denise Burgess: