Antonie van Leevenhouk

The Father of Microbiology


Antonie van Leevenhouk is my full name. I was born in Delft, Netherlands on October 24,1632. i had one wife her name was Barbara de Mey who I was married to for only 12 years and it was from 1654 - 1666. I died in Delft, Netherlands on August 26, 1723.

My Accomplishments

I have many accomplishments. The one I'm most known for is discovering hot to use the microscope to look at germs. A few other of my accomplishments were discovering the infusoria bacteria in 1674, the cells vacude in 1676, spermatozoa in 1677, and the banded structure of muscular fibers in 1682.

These Are Some of The Things I Discovered

Fun Facts

  • I was known as The Father of Microbiology.
  • I was one of the most famous scientist during the Renaissance.