Crosby Senior Newsletter

January CLASS OF 2019


  • Jan 14: Pathway to RCCC Academy
  • Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day - Crosby Office Closed
  • Jan 30: College Chat Academy
  • Jan 31: Senior Community Service Form Deadline
  • Feb 01: Crosby Scholarships open
  • Feb 11: Academy: Adulting 101
  • Feb 18: Medical Symposium

Make sure you are on track to meet all Crosby Scholars senior requirements!

  1. Have you completed 2 senior academies? Check your portal
    Have you turned in your community service form?
  2. You have until Jan 31st!
  3. Have you been meeting with your Senior Advisor?
    Your 4th meeting deadline is January 31st

Seniors who complete all program requirements will be eligible to apply for a Last Dollar Grant and designated Crosby Scholars scholarships.


Crosby Scholars are required to complete two hours of community service. Scholars must submit a form documenting their hours that includes a signature of the person in charge of the service activity. The form can be submitted various ways: drop it off at the Crosby Scholars office, upload the form to the My Documents page in your portal, take a picture and email it to, fax it to 704-762-3513, send it via mail or turn it in to your school guidance office.

The deadline to submit your form is January 31st. If you do not submit your form by the deadline, you risk being dismissed from the program. In order to be eligible to apply for scholarships and last dollar grant you must meet all program requirements.

Volunteer Opportunities for Crosby Scholars

We have several Academies for our middle and high school Crosby scholars and can use our Seniors to assist! We need one Senior from each school so sign up now by emailing All Saturday Academies are at RCCC in the 600 Building from 9:15-11:45. Please be there by 9am to assist with registration.

  • January 12th: 7th-10th Grade Academy
  • January 26th: 7th-10th Grade Academy

RCCC Bound Crosby Seniors

Did you know Rowan Cabarrus Community College was the number one pick for schools from last year's class? This year already more seniors are choosing to attend community college. The senior staff at Crosby has answered the need by creating an enhanced pathway for community college bound students.

Academies are offered specifically designed to address students needs considering community college.

  • January 14th at 6pm at RCCC (Building 600, Room 101)
  • April 1st at 6pm at RCCC (enrollment opens)

Seniors will still need to meet regular Crosby requirements (2 hours of community service, 2 academies and college or career fair). However, community college bound students no longer have to complete monthly meetings with their advisor. Our community college advisor will work with students who have identified as RCCC bound.

RCCC offers scholarships- the deadline is March 29th so apply today.

It's Financial Aid Season

Happy New Year! Hopefully by now you have finished applying to your target colleges and maybe you've even heard back from some! So, it's time to shift your focus from applying for college admission to applying for student financial aid.

  • Remember to first create your FSA ID before you start the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). When filing the form electronically, the FSA ID becomes your signature. Students and parents need to sign the FAFSA, so each will require different FSA ID numbers.
  • Need help understanding some of your options for funding your education? Here is a Guide to Federal Student Aid.
  • If you are not sure if you should apply for student financial aid, complete an Early Estimator like a Net Price Calculator or FAFSA4caster—both are early eligibility estimators that can help you plan ahead when it comes to paying for college. Use the results from an early estimator to make informed decisions about college affordability. Remember, neither form is an application for financial aid. The results are only as reliable as the data you provide, and these forms will only give you an estimate of your aid eligibility. When in doubt, APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID!
  • Confirm which financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS/PROFILE, Institutional form) are required by the colleges to which you have applied.
  • Most 4-year colleges have priority deadlines for student financial aid applications. Deadlines range from early February to mid-March. Two-year schools generally have later deadlines. It is critical for you to meet the earliest deadline of the schools on your target list.
  • Remember that the student financial aid process is very time sensitive — you do NOT have to wait to receive an acceptance letter before you apply for student financial aid.

Scholarship Season Is In Full Swing

Scholarship season is just revving up. Since it is a New Year, commit to organizing yourself as you begin your "part-time job" looking for scholarships.

Create a working calendar or spreadsheet to list deadlines, amounts and requirements. Most importantly read the application carefully, fill it out completely, and meet the application deadlines!

  • Stay on top of the requirements, if you miss one item (say your essay is a few words over the limit) you will eliminate yourself from the running.
  • Where should you look? Start locally, perhaps your parent's employers, or yours, many local religious affiliations have small scholarships that add up! Check with your guidance counselor at your school- they should know you by your first name by now!
  • Last but not least- Crosby Scholars scholarships will open on Feb 1st and close on March 15th.
  • Our scholarship e-newsletter will be released soon!

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