Tech Bytes

for Tech Ninjas

Welcome Back

  • The county is going to provide each 2nd-5th classroom with Chromebooks. Pre-K - 1st will receive tablets. The arrival date is still in the works. You will receive training on how to use these amazing devices!

  • No, you are not losing your student computers. If you want more or less, please submit a work order describing your wishes.

  • BYOT will NOT start until the first initial parent meeting in September.

  • Please start thinking about what your need and what you want to learn for technology professional development this school year.

  • Make Google Chrome your default browser. Click here for directions

  • Set your home page to FES teachers. Directions for setting your home page in Chrome can be found here.

  • Check your Quarrantine Summary settings and emails on a regular basis. You have new parents this year and will be getting new emails! We don't want to upset anyone.

  • YES! You will have required tech classes this year. Fortunately you will get to spend more time with ME and your students while sharpening the saw in technology! I am so excited about working WITH you and helping you integrate technology! I will send out the appointment calendar ASAP. First I must add in the beginning of the year testing schedule. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, please start discussing digital citizenship skills with your students as you use technology. Some GREAT lessons can be found on Common Sense Media.

  • Please try to integrate typing into your center rotations. At least 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Your responders and mobi can be picked up on Monday after 12. I will make an announcement. Picking up responders is not mandatory since we have BYOT options for quick assessment.

  • I will make agenda labels and cards once the class list situation settles down.

  • Please let me know what days your grade level planning will be. I would like to attend one at least once ever 9 weeks.

  • Dust your computers off
Computer Hook Up Directions

Detailed pictures on how to connect teacher and student computers. Please submit a work order if you need assistance.

What should I have on my website?

More info can be found on Techninja

  • Update on a weekly basis
  • Contact information
  • Link to and
  • Curriculum at a glance
  • Optional: FES Events Calendar
  • Provide a professional intro letter for parents or resume. Do not give to much personal information.
  • Easily identifiable photos of students – group shots and photos at a distance are acceptable
  • Individual student photos accompanied by names are not allowed.
Slide Show for Student Hook Up

You can display this on your projector while you connect student computers.

Volunteers Needed

  1. I need help updating the 30 iPads - you know how Apple likes to send out those software updates.
  2. Setting up Tech Lab 2 and Pod computers


  • If you need to scan something and in a hurry - take a picture of it and email it to yourself!
  • The front office machine can scan multiple documents at once and you can email them to yourself. Please let me know if you would like to be trained!
  • I also have a scanner in my room that you can use to scan 1 to multiple docs.