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Name: Reham Zia

Education: K-12

Status: Just took a shower.

Siblings: 3 Animals... (I mean seriously, I think they were born and raised in a jungle)

Origin: Pakistan

Birthday: 22 May 2002

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Mareha, Vimeo, Room......... WHAT?

Yup! There you have it! I am opening up a SUPERB Home-Bakery, an awesome video channel and I even got lots more things coming up!

Life is amazing, you just need to believe in it... and that's when you see it becomes how you want it to be.

Writing Skills!

The Great Wall

The longest landmark ever built in history is located in Beijing, China. It has also been known as the longest graveyard since the time of the first emperor, Qin Shihuang. He was one of the strongest rulers in all of China’s history. He made people work for him in building the great wall and Qin Shihuang has been known ever since.

The great wall’s entrance was a long path of stairs and little shops. Moving closer were the walls, they were made of bricks, stones and wood, and each material kept the walls together. Steep stairs, ancient writings and antiquated floors scattered in-between the walls. As a person ascends more steps and reaches higher the more beauty of the great wall a person sees - The majestic view of the trees, archaic grounds and dim sky from the top view is as beautiful as a person can ever think.

One can sense moments of history that goes back thousands of years ago, when people built this place. Imagining all the workers building and raising the walls and grounds, you could even hear the heavy thumps and thrashing of their massive materials hitting the floor. Thinking about all those men dying of hunger and being compressed to the ground once they died, and some additionally still working for their master as they were told. Feeling the atavistic top parts of the bricks covered in brown ancient powder. All those feelings come together when you visit one of the biggest, well-known, and most ancient landmarks in history.