Freak the Mighty

Coming of age

Book Title

It says coming of age because they call Kevin Freak. Then Max and Freak become best friends. When they where young they went to pre-school together. Then when they got older, they met again and became best friends. Freak is shorter, and max is taller, and Freak, who is Kevin is never afraid of anything. Kevin teaches Max to not be afraid of anything to.

Man vs. Society

The reason I put Man Vs. Society is because when Max and Kevin went to preschool together they were not the best of friends. Then Kevin moved away and then came back in 8th grade. He moved back on the same block as Max. Then they became best friends. Max was always scared of doing things, but Kevin wasn't. So Kevin taught Max lots of things.

Character's remark and actions

The characters remark, and actions is like coming of age. I think that because every time Max and Kevin would say things or do things they would get older. when they were in pre school they were not best of friends. They should have been because Kevin ended up dying at a young age, so they did not get to be good friends for a long time. So they wasted there time when they were young being friends by what they would say or do, and then once they got older they only got to be friends for a year. Then Kevin passed away.

Contrasts between characters

I am going to write about Kevin and max. Kevin is short, and Max is taller. Kevin has to be on crutches, and Max doesn't. Kevin is really smart, so is Max but Kevin shows that he is smart. Max is really quiet, so he only talks in front of Kevin.Max says "I never had a brain until Freak came along." So Max is quiet, and Kevin is not quiet, but he is not loud. This has to do with coming of age, because as they get older Max starts to become more like Kevin.