World War l

By: Brendan Rodrigues

There were two opposing viewpoints politically during the 1890's

Isolationists believed that america needed to stop getting involved in world events.

Expantionsists believed that America needed to expand it's empire for the market so that new products can be exported to new places

The Expansionists won and America started the sea to shining sea and they started to deliver things across the world.

After President McKinley went over to Japan and asked them to open a port so that the U.S. can send more cargo and items to Japan and make more money.

All of this started imperialism which means that all bigger countries tried taking over smaller countries.

Seward's First Claim

Secretary William H. Seward saw America owning all of the Carribean, Central America and the Pacific.

He started with going for Alaska from Russia in 1867 After Congress approved the purchases of Alaska and we payed 7.2 million dollars. Many people made fun of Seward because they say he bought an icebox.

In 1912 Alaska became part of the U.S.

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America Looks to the Pacific

Seward looked toward the islands in the Pacific as a stop for the ships that were going to China, he took two small islands that needed something bigger to secure the U.S.

Hawaii caught the US eye because it has eight other large islands and 100 small islands.

In 1790 the US started to trade with Hawaiians since more Europeans and Americans were landing on the island they also bought disease like the Native Americans.

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