Kingdom of Jordan!

Obey the Jordans!

General Information

-8 million people inhabit the Kingdom of Jordan

-92% of Jordan worships Islam

~Most of them are Sunni muslims

-6% of Jordan worships Christainity

-Arabic is the official language of Jordan

-2 years of pre-school to learn socialization skills then 10 years mandatory grades with 2 optional years of vocational or secondary schooling

Welcome to Jordanian Politics

The government of the Kingdom of Jordan is a Unity Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.

-King Abdullah II of Jordan

~Fun Fact: Jordan is one of the few nations in the Middle East that the United States has friendly relations with. Jordan is also the first nation in the Arab world to ever sign a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. The Jordanian government is also one of the most stable in the region and is often supporting US forces in the region to fight terrorism.

Economy/Main Industries

The Jordanian economy is highly advanced in its region. Jordan is a leading foreign trader with the European Union and the Arab league.

Finance and banking make up 1/3 of the Jordanian economy.

Medical tourism is also high in the economy of Jordan. Regular tourism is also a large source of income in Jordan.

Sports of Jordan!

SOCCER is a major sporting event in the entire country. Taliban raiders tried to grow support and when a region banned soccer, the people returned to the monarchy.

Knowledge for your head

Jordan has a Mediterranean style climate. Jordan has long, hot summers with cool, et winters.

Life bros!

Life for a citizen of Jordan is much like that of America. Just 5 times they must bow and worship towards Mecca. Citizens of Jordan rise early so as to worship then continue on with their day. They do this several times. Farmers rise even earlier so as to see to their flocks. Workers in the cities are greatly more relaxed as the early part of the day is for family time and sending the children to school.
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