expert hunters

Did you know that owls are expert hunters?

  • Owls main food is mostly rats or mice
  • Large owls usually get larger food than smaller owls
  • Owls are silent when they are flying to find prey
  • For more information , go to www.animalplanet.com

Habitats Of Owls

Owls mostly live everywhere but Antarctica. Owls live in most 48 states, and also in Canada and Australia. Most owls live in large open habitats. Several types of owl that lives in large open spaces are elf owls ,and barn owls.

These are several types of owls

Owl adaptatiaions

Owl adaptaions

Every owl has four talons. One talon is pointing backward and two pointing forward. \Owls are nocturnal.

Don't cut down trees in forest.

Cutting trees down in forest means that you are taring owl homes apart. Even though owls live in different places doesn't mean that you will never come across one. There is one thing I want everyone to know, don't cut down trees in forests.