Book Bytes

December 2014

A Flurry of Activity

December is a short but busy time in the life of the library. Students are writing papers, researching about various topics, and studying for exams. As this semester comes to a close, boys are encouraged to check out books to read over the break.

The 3-D printed ornaments are on display - come check out the students' handiwork.

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What We're Up To: Book Tasting!

Don't worry...a book tasting does not involve students eating library books. Mrs. Cook's class came to the library to "taste" or sample at least 3 books from different genres. They read for a few minutes from each book and checked out their favorite at the end of the period. Some of the genres included Gritty Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sports, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Dystopian. As a surprise, we offered cookies when they finished the assignment.

A Web Tool We Love: Socrative

Use this website to create fun, real-time quizzes and games for your students.

Drones: coming to a sky near you!

From delivering packages to targeted military killings, drones are increasingly being used for a wide variety of reasons. This first book for younger readers on the subject of drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), explores the latest in these controversial marvels of aviation. This book was recently highlighted in the NSTA's Outstanding Science Trade Books.

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