In-Flight News: What's App?

April 2015

Got Apps?

In this edition...

  • The iPads are here and ready to roll out in grades 6 ~ 12
  • Learn about some handy apps
  • See how colleagues are using the iPads
  • Read the protocols for iPad use
  • Get the AASSA Conference app

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Handy Apps on all iPads

Apps in FDR Classes

iPad and App Protocols (The Rules...Read Carefully!)

Student iPad use - Teacher iPad use - Installing apps

Student iPad Use:
  • Use in classes only; not for home use
  • Move any content (photos, etc) off of the iPad after each use
  • Hold iPad using the strap at the back
  • Leave settings as they are (if you see a student fiddling with settings, please reprimand!)
  • For multi-day projects you may wish to assign students to a particular iPad. Here's a tracking sheet.

Teacher iPad Use in Class:

  • Each cart holds and charges 25 iPads
  • There are seven carts: one per grade level
  • Reserve a grade level cart using google calendar (book as a "room")
  • Reserve iPads only for the periods you need to use them
  • Allow time for set up to be sure the iPads will be ready for you
  • Test your task: complete it as if you were a student from beginning to end (test sharing/downloading options, time needed, etc.)

Teacher iPad Check-out:

  • iPad minis are available for check-out in the library; we have 10 of these
  • Check out an iPad mini for one week; recheck as needed
  • Move your content before returning the iPad and log out of accounts
  • iPad minis come with a charger and, if needed, a stylus

App testing protocols:

  • The iPad minis from the library are set to allow App Store purchases
  • Using an iPad mini from the library, download the app you'd like to test
  • If you'd like to use it with students, complete this form (also on the Dashboard under "Tech")
  • Talk with your in-flight team about when the app will be ready for your class

For best results: Plan WAY ahead!

Want to start with apps but not sure where to begin?

Let us know! We'd love to help you get started.

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Ready, Set, AASSA!

Hope you have a great couple of weeks, everyone.

Now that the conference has arrived, let's all take some time for ourselves to enjoy meeting new colleagues and learn some new tricks for our teacher toolbox.

And the week after AASSA - it's Book Swap time!

Your In-Flight Team

Sean Sweeney, Director of Educational Technology

Kelly Paredes, Design teacher and Instructional Coach

Sarah Ducharme, Research Skills and Technology Coach