Public Speaking

The General idea

A public speech is either a planned or impromptu speech in front of an audience. Public speaking is important because nowadays most jobs require you to make a speech or some type of public appearance so it is important to have the skills needed in case this occurs .To make a planned speech it is important to be prepared, having palm cards and revising your speech can make all the difference when it is time to present but most importantly just stay calm and give it your all.

Tips & Tricks

- Practice your speech in order to feel confident

- Relax while in front of an audience and realize that they don’t want you to fail

- Concentrate on the speech, not on yourself

- Focus on the content not yourself

- Learn from your mistakes and gain experience

Fear of speaking?

A fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia and 75% of people suffer from it, and 23% of people would rather die than make a speech. To get rid of this fear simply practice on a small audience and work your way up also relax and imagine you giving the speech and succeeding.

Types of speeches

There are many different types of speeches but the two main groups are informative and persuasive speeches. These are both in public but they have two different purposes. Persuasive is to convince the audience something while informative is to tell the audience something


To Make a speech just relax and feel confident, and your sure to make a great speech!