The creator of social media

By: Joey Gouveia


  • Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14,1984 in White Plains New York.
  • His parents are Karen Kempner and Edward Zuckerberg.
  • He fell in love with computers at the age of eleven and has been hooked sense.
  • When he was 12 he created a messaging program he named "Zucknet" for his fathers dental office.


  • In 2002 he enrolled at the University of Harvard.
  • In his third year of college him and a few of his friends created the social media site Facebook.
  • Facebook started to become popular, and later that year in 2005 he dropped out of college to work on Facebook full time.
  • This was a huge risk because he invested a lot of his time and money and if Facebook were to have failed, then he would have to try to get into another school with little to no money.


  • Cameron Winkelvoss and his brother tyler Winklevoss are known for co-founding HarvardConnecetion along with Harvard classmate Divya Narenda. In 2006, the Winkelvoss brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg claiming he stole their idea to create the popular social media site Facebook.
  • The jury never came to a conclusion in court. so it was settled out of court and Mark Zuckerberg had to pay the Winkelvoss brothers 65 million dollars.
  • Though this was not a good risk. Stealing ideas from the Winkelvoss brothers was huge risk because he ended up losing 65 million dollars.

How he has affected my life

  • Facebook was one of the first social media sites ever made. Which inspired other people to make social media media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and others that I use everyday.

Why people may think Mark Zuckerberg is not a risk taker

people may think he is not a risk taker because...

  • He grew up in a wealthy family.
  • Went to a good college.
  • Because he is rich.