The Foodie Days


Every year on 13th January , the festival of bon fire ( LOHRI) is celebrated in India amidst beats of drums, dancing, singing and loads of happiness , and cheering of people. It is celebrated to mark the winter solstice , signifying return of longer days. It is generally celebrated in North India especially Punjab .

A lot of food items are made to celebrate this joyous event. Peanuts and sweets made from sesame and jiggery called Rewdi are eaten and put in the fire. Even popcorn , being an item of wheat is added in the fire and eaten to mark this auspicious festival. This festival can never end without cooking the famous Sarson ka Saag & Makke di Roti ! It is made from mustard (sarson ) and the roti/ chapatti, the flat unleavened bread is made up of corn flour.

All these foods have their own taste , individuality and value. These festivals have their own fervor . Not only these foods are delicious and lip smacking , they are also healthy.

For example, the rewdi has a lot of health benefits especially in the winter months .It keeps the body warm and prevents cold and cough. It is also a source of rich proteins and minerals like calcium , magnesium and potassium. Even the green curry (saag) made from sarson decreases the risk of heart diseases and cancer. It is high in anti oxidants and helps asthma patients. The yellow bread made from corn flour is rich in proteins and calcium. It also prevents the risk of cancer. It is also an amazing food which helps to reduce weight.

It has been since decades that these dishes are cooked . Every festival has the same old tradition of various dishes on the table not only to enjoy the festivities but also to increase the health of the people. It is sad though that as times are changing and less exercises are done by people, these foods are cooked less as more and more diseases are harming people. What we need to understand is that with time and body we need to eat in our limits and exercise to our limits.

Sarson ka Saag, Makki ki Roti aur Mozzarella ki Mauj | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana