Teaching in the Savior's Way

Week 4

Reading Assignment

President Shanklin has instructed the stake council to read the new teaching booklet "Teaching in the Savior's Way" prior to our next stake council meeting on the 22nd of June. The purpose of this message is to encourage reading and pondering of this new material that we can effectively counsel together to improve gospel teaching and learning in the units and homes of the Springfield South Stake.

Reading this Week

Part 2 - Teach by the Spirit

A few highlights to enjoy:

"The ultimate purpose of everything a gospel teacher does--every question, every scripture, every activity--is to invite the Spirit to build faith and to invite all to come unto Christ."

"In addition to helping learners feel and recognize the Spirit, help them act on the promptings they receive."

"When you record spiritual impressions, you show the Lord that you value His direction, and He will bless you with more frequent revelation."

"After you have done all you can to create the right environment for teaching, remember that teaching pure doctrine can make any physical environment into a place of powerful spiritual learning."

"As you pay attention to what is happening in your class members’ lives, you will find excellent teaching opportunities."

"Remember that the spiritual growth of the individuals you are teaching is more important than presenting everything you have planned."