First Time Dinners

Instructions for first time dinners.

Step by Step Instructions

For first time dinners, when you go into the restaurant and the waiter gets you seated at a table you should first put your napkin on your lap, tell your waiter what you want to eat, then look in the menu that the waiter gives you for what you want to eat for dinner and desert or whatever it is that you are going to order but make sure its something you can handle eating without making a mess.

A-la-carte is a listing or serving goos that can be ordered as separate items, rather than park of a set meal.

A-la-mode is like served with ice cream.

If your wanting to get the waiters attention than you need to just raise your hand don't holler or yell at them, also don't move your hand around like your waving at them just raise your hand in the air and they will come to you.

Gratuity is a tip given to a waiter. You should figure the tip out on the bill by how much the waiter listened to you and made sure you was getting what you needed and all that good stuff. You tip him with a reasonable amount not like a one dollar bill maybe a five dollar bill or more.

When you finish your food you should place your civil wear in the top right corner of the plate and then the waiter will come by and pick up your plate and trash. Put your spoon on your soup plate.

Five other helpful hints when your dinning is, keep elbows off the table, don't tuck your napkin in your shirt, don't eat your food to slow but don't eat it to fast either, when wanting more of something ask with good manners, also tell the waiter there doing a great time and tell them thank you every time after every time they ask you a question.