Online Learning at SHCS

March 17

What a unique time we are in. We recognize how incredibly difficult this situation is for many families. The fabulous teachers at SHCS have been working hard to identify meaningful instructional activities for your child to do while he or she is at home for an extended period of time. Our goal in this work is to provide you with activities that are aligned with what your children typically do during the school day, recognizing it will not be the same as being in the classroom, but everything should be familiar. We worked to provide enough materials for each child to be engaged in academic learning for an appropriate time based on each grade level.

We need to keep your children learning and prevent regression while they are not coming to school. If he/she experiences frustration, please feel free to contact your child's teacher.

We appreciate your partnership as we navigate this unknown territory together. Please feel free to reach out to any of our staff members through e-mail or school voice mail (753-537-1329 and enter VM #) if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

With Great Appreciation,

Karen Bursey and school staff

Daily Lessons

Students are expected to participate in online learning activities for all scheduled classes on the day the plan is implemented just as they would for a traditional school day. Students who do not participate in planned activities are considered absent for the day and it will be recorded as an “unexcused” absence.

Any teacher that would have a class or student contact time on a declared Online Learning Day is expected to provide learning opportunities for students. This work may include, but is not limited to online discussions/worksheets, quizzes, web-based activities, novels, or writing.

Teachers, K-4, will email parents on a daily basis, along with posting assignments on their teacher websites, with the assigned homework for that day that includes the learning target(s). Specialists will also post their homework on the homeroom teachers weekly homework document, eliminating numerous emails to parents in one day.

Teachers, gr. 5-8, will post an “Update” on Google Classroom for their classes that includes all directions for the day, tasks to complete and a clear statement of the day’s learning target(s). Information will also be posted on teacher websites. Parents should log into their child’s Google Classroom account to view the homework. Parents will receive a weekly progress report on Monday at 3:15 pm, listing the percentages for each subject.

Teachers and the principal will be available by email or phone (via voicemail) during 8:00-2:00 pm to support Online Learning. All communication requests will be responded to in a timely manner during these hours.

Is there Online learning this week?

****Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19----A few online assignments will be emailed to parents for students in K-4 and thru Google Classroom for grades 5-8.

****March 20-27 No online learning for students. Spring break. Enjoy.

Expectations for Online Learning at each grade level

Grade K-1: 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day

Grade 2-3: 2-3 hours a day

Grades 4-8: 3 hours a day



Teachers will post attendance to Educate by 9:00 AM. All absences will be marked in Educate as Unexcused.

Students are counted present for an Online Learning Day, by ONE of these methods:

K-4th grade:

1. A parent/guardian must respond to the email from the classroom teacher verifying that they have seen the task(s) to be completed for the day


2. Teachers can verify that students logged in to IXL and see the work completed for that day.

Grades 5-8—Evidence that students are turning in assignments on Google Classroom

Grades 5-8:

Students will respond to the daily Google Form homeroom teachers send for attendance.

Attendance will be changed from an unexcused absence to an excused absence within 7 days of that declared Online Learning day by returning the assigned work or sending a written note.

Example-- Homework is assigned on March 30 and a student does not log in on March 30. The student turns in the homework two days later, resulting in a late assignment. Attendance would be changed from “unexcused” to “excused”.

Tips for Parents

Tips for parents

1. Structure your child’s day as much as a school day. Think about including breaks that normally happen during the school day such as time outdoors or brain breaks.

2. Take a break every 30-50 minutes, depending on the age of your child.

3. Set up a designated learning or workspace for your child. We do not recommend students be in a bedroom with a computer to do online learning. It should be in a visible area, and parents can be there to monitor what the child is doing.

4. Set goals for your child every morning to keep your child on task.

5. Each night, ask your child about his/her day. Communicate with teachers when your child is struggling.

6. It usually takes children a few weeks to adjust to online learning. It is different from their normal routine. There is going to be a lot of trial and error at home. Just because you start out on Monday and it wasn’t how you thought it was going to be, you’re going to work your way into a system and a schedule and each day it’s going to be a little easier.


Teachers and principal will be available by email or phone (via school voicemail) during 8:00-2:00 pm to support Online Learning. All specialists will be available the days they normally teach at Sacred Heart. All communication requests will be responded to in a timely manner during these hours.

Staff contact information can be found on our school web site.

All communications to parents via email should have on the subject line the grade level of the child to assist the parents with multiple children

Free wifi for families for 60 days-please click on the link for more information

How to Talk to your Child about the Coronavirus

Sacred Heart Catholic School Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic School is committed to instilling high moral standards rooted in Catholic teachings. We are dedicated to educating the whole child through an integrated C-STEM curriculum. In collaboration with our families, parish, and local community, we maximize individual potential to ensure students are prepared to meet the challenges in the world as disciples of Jesus.