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Team Nelson Monogram Challange!

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Hi Ladies!

Hi ladies! I hope you are enjoying your warm weather and this wonderful start to summer we are having!

A LOT has been changing in the Stella & Dot world, and I know it can get overwhelming. Here are just a couple things I want to highlight that is new for us and will be rolling out in the next few months. There is TONS of great detail in the lounge about the changes, but I am ALWAYS here for you to ask me! I am prepared to help you with anything you need! So, let's get to it - the Top 5 changes I am SO excited about at Stella & Dot!

1. MONOGRAMS! I know you've seen those puppies - and more about getting your own from me below :)
2. Associate Stylist Career Rank! There is a new career rank at Stella & Dot - she is an Associate Stylist! This rank falls between Lead Stylist & Senior Stylist - and I am ready to bring Team Nelson there in JUNE!
3. New Commission Raises! More reason to hit $5k and $10k in sales each month - more cash in your pocket! Be a Stellar Seller at $5k and get $100 in PC and 32% cash commission. Or, be an absolute superstar and hit $10k in sales - get that $100 in PC, AND 35% cash commission!
4. New Coaching Commission! Growing your business by sharing the opportunity has never been easier - you now get an EXTRA 3% coaching commission on your new stylist in her first 60 days! You girls hit your Jumpstart pretty easily - and I know that anyone else you would bring to grow this team will as well!
5. Seasonal Sample Credit Coupon! This incentive started on April 1, or Q2 - sell $2,000 in sales in the entire quarter, and get a $500 product credit coupon for $99! Look for an email from me specifically to you about what you need to make sure you get that $500. I don't know if you've been seeing sneak peeks of our Fall collection, but it's bound to amaze your customers - I maaaay have added some pictures below to excite you!


Guess what?! I am in complete confidence that we can hit Associate Stylist, the new career rank at Stella & Dot - THIS month! I have called on this team to get us to new places before, and while we may not have hit the goal, I am so happy we went through it together and I think we all learned a lot - and hey, you still got some cash commission and made some new contacts! The Stella & Dot trunk show is where it starts; and it's where you can always go back to start again! We always fall among the stars at this company, and that's one of the reasons it's so great to be a Stella & Dot stylist - so thank you for sticking with me!

Let's make this really fun by including the Monogram collection, by far my favorite thing ever, into the challenge! I am going to challenge each of you to hit at LEAST $500 in sales this month! That's ONE trunk show, or just a few sales!

For EVERY $500 YOU SELL IN THE MONTH OF JUNE, you will get a Monogram necklace from me! There are so many choices and I love how they are layered together - you NEED more than 1, don't you think?!
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Try a couple of ideas below!

1. Start a social media-based Mystery Hostess trunk show! With the summer sale, bag promotions, June TSE's, and MONOGRAMS that you can order for customers starting on 6/17 - there's no reason NOT to have a little Stella & Dot in everyone's collection. Start an event on FB, blast it out to every female you know, and make sure people know they get an entry to win the hostess rewards when they purchase! See the image I like to use below, and let me know if you have any questions - invite me to your event page, let me help excite your "guests" and create a sense of urgency to purchase this month!

2. Get busy outside! Layer yourself in Stella & Dot, go out there for errands, Starbucks office hours, etc. and let your customers come to you. Not a day goes by that I don't get complimented on something I'm wearing or holding. Hand them a mini look book, and compliment them back on their fabulous taste! It may not yield in sales by 6/30, but you'll feel SO much more confident and the lucky lady could be a future hostess or stylist!

3. Blast out an email to your past customers! Include them on the Mystery Hostess show, but also let them know about ALL the deals we have going on - they may remember a bag or necklace they loved at the trunk show where they met you, and maybe now it's on sale or on the TSE list for June! Go get 'em!

Go for it! Here's some tools to help!

Ready... Set... GO!!!!

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Allison Nelson, Lead Stylist

I am here for any questions or guidance! I want to hear from YOU!