FDR's Early Foreign Policy

By: Inna Hwang

Destroyer-For-Bases deal with Britain

  • Between the US and Britain
  • September 1940
  • Roosevelt's compromise for helping Britain
  • Britain received 50 old but still serviceable US destroyers in exchange for giving the US the right to build military bases on British Islands in the Caribbean.
  • this agreement helped to establish the Anglo-American alliance of World War II.

Lend-Lease Act of 1941

  • Passed in March 1941
  • America sought to become "the great arsenal of democracy”
  • US permitted Britain to obtain all U.S. arms needed on credit
  • The United States sent arms, goods, and money to aid Britain
  • These commodities came to a net worth of about 31 billion dollars
  • To make sure that the goods were sent safely, Roosevelt ordered the Navy to patrol the Atlantic (Sent soldiers to Greenland, and soon to the Soviet Union)
  • Roosevelt proposed ending the cash-and-carry requirements of the Neutrality Act. (Many isolationists opposed this act.)

Neutrality Act of 1939

  • Allowed arms trade with belligerent nations on a cash and carry basis
  • ended the arms embargo
  • repealed earlier neutrality acts

Atlantic Charter of 1941

  • Vision that world would throw away their traditional beliefs in military alliances and spheres of influence
  • Govern through democratic process
  • International organization for arbitration
  • Every nation has the right to self determination
  • No territorial gains after WW2
  • Territorial adjustments according to people who occupied area
  • Freedom of seas