Elegy for a Woman I Never Knew

by Rebekah Gardner

I lay here as a soft voice tells me of you.

As the tears begin to brush my cheeks,

My heart wrenches itself with the want to know you.

I can only imagine who you were.

Hearing the words of passion, I know how deeply he cherished you.

You welcomed in a stranger, a lost little boy.

Held open arms to a child that was void of love.

You strung up twinkling lights, laid out the softest of blankets

And wrapped him up so he could feel at home,

A sensation he did not have for a while.

Hair dark like a raven, but a spirit light like a dove.

You interlaced your fingers with your new son and grasped onto your true love's arm,

Leading them to the pond to feed the ducks.

A family, together, meant to be.

Soon, the sickness invaded your body.

With a sigh, you were gone.

Your story ends with leaving a funeral and losing a father through a drunken car accident,

But I know the impact was more than that.

He kisses away the teardrops with a touch, so tender.

Spreading the love I am beyond thankful you gave to him.

Dear woman I never knew,

Your name will forever echo through my mind.


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