By: Tatum Harvey

Basic Information on Germany

Germany's capital is Berlin. Germany's flag has 3 colors, black, red, and gold. Each color means something. Black means the eagle. Red means the beak and claw. Gold means the golden field that the "eagle" is standing on.

Geography in Germany

Germany is located on Europe. Their are 7 countries that surround Germany. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland. Some physical features are North European Plains, Harz Mountain, Rothaargebirge Mountain, Hunsruck Uplands, Rhine River Valley, Vogelsberg Mountain, Thuringian Forest, Ore Mountain, Bohemian Forest, and the Black Forest. Some Major man made land marks are the Schloss Neuschwanstein, Brandonburg Gate, and the Berland Wall. There are many rivers and large body's of water in Germany or that are right next to Germany, such as the Baltic Sea, Donau River, Rhein River, Black Sea, Elbe River, Oder River, Mosel River, Main River, and Weser River. All of these things effect the way the people in Germany live. For example, the Germany's environment in the South has hills so the people in Germany will have to build on the hills or on top of them. Also in the Northern part of Germany has lots of plains , so the people in the north part will not have to deal with the struggle of building ground the hills that the South has.

The Governmant of Germany

Germany has a Federal Republic. The current leader of Germany is Joachim Gauck. German elects leaders that rule their country. The citizens in Germany's responsibilities, roles, and rights are to follow the law, to voice their opinions, voting, and they allowed to have religious freedoms.

The Economy of Germany

Germany is a rich country. They have 3.73 Trillion Dollars. Germany uses Euros as their money system. Germany makes the most money off of is vehicles, machine engines, pharmaceuticals, medical technical equipment, plastics, aircraft, oil, iron or steel, and organic chemicals. The people in Germany usually live up to 80.57 years. Germany's birth rate is 8.15 births. In Germany 99% of people can read and write. Germany has 2 large rivers that they are able to use for drinking water.

The Culture of Germany

Woman in Germany would wear traditional clothing that include full skirts, blouses, bodice, and aprons. The men in Germany would wear lederhosen for formal or traditional events. Modern day men would wear shorts, pants, short sleeved shirts. Modern day woman would wear slacks, shirts, and pants. 91.5% of people in Germany speak German, 2.4% speak Turkish, and 6.1% speak something other than Turkish and German. Some holidays in Germany are the traditional Kaffee Und Kuchen, St. Martains day, Advent and Christmas, New Years, Carnival, May traditions, and Candy cone tradition that is for the first graders. 34% of people in Germany are Protestant, 34% of people in Germany are Roman Catholic, 3.7% of people in Germany are Muslim, and 28.3% of people in Germany are something other than Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Muslim. People in Germany like to eat foods such a Apfel Strudel, Eintopf, Kasespatzle, Kartoffel puffers, Rote Grutze, Saver braten, Brezel, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, Wurst, and Schnitzel.

The Climate of Germany

The weather in Germany is usually chilly/warm and sunny in the spring, hot in the summer, cool and warm in the fall, and cooled in the winte. There is an average rainfall of 700 millimeters per year. The average tempature in Germany is 46.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This weather effects the people because it have to let them allow them to wear clothes like shorts or pants, short selved shirts and other things to fit that kind of weather.

The History of Germany

Germany has been through many wars and battles and attacks but one of them was when they attack the Western part of Europe. They attacked the Western side of Europe on May 10, 1940. They attacked Belgium first, but the French troops were already on the border of Belgium and Germany in the forest of Ardennes. But unfortunately for the French troops and Belgium their efforts failed. The Germany's had invaded Belgium and then after Belgium surrendered they went after the Netherlands and they surrendered and Germany had won. Another attack that the Germany had planed was to attack Poland. The Germans attacked Poland on September 1st, 1939. Germany attacking Poland lead to World War ||. Right before Germany attacked Poland Hitler [ the dictator of Germany at the time] had just found out that the British had signed a treaty with Poland stating that in time Poland was in danger that the y would come to help. After finding out this information Hitler's troops disguised as Poland troops. then Hitler attacked with his troops on the outside [the ones that are not disguised] and then used the troops on the inside and won.

Germany Compared and Contrast to the United States

a comparison of Germany to the United States is the language difference in each country. Germany's language is made up of 91.5% German, 2.4% Turkish, and 6.1% other language besides German and Turkish. In the United States has 79.2% are English, 12.9% are Spanish, 3.8% are Indo-European, 3.3% are Asian and Pacific Island, 0.9% are something other than English, Spanish, Indo-European, Asian, and Pacific Island. Something in coman between what languages are in each country is that both Germany and the United States are that both of their languages are mainly what their countries main language is [English and German]. Snother thing that the countries languages have in comin is they both have a variety of languages. Something that the languages don't have in comin is that the United States has more languages than Germany. They also are difference because Germany's country has more of their language in the country than the United States. Another comparison of Germany and the United States is their governments. Gemany has a Federal Republic, where there is a constition. The United States is a democracy. They are similar because they both have a constution. they also both use a representational system. They are both different because Germany has a Self-Governed Unit. they are also different because the United States is only based off of the people.


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