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April 29, 2015 | Newsletter

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Chris's Corner

Communication is paramount, now more than ever, in our constantly changing industry. One of Intec’s biggest goals is to communicate everything that is going on within our company, to all of our employees. This includes both Intec’s initiatives and our client’s.

This is the intent of this Newsletter and specifically Chris’ Corner; to be open and honest with all of our employees so that we can eliminate rumors from starting and give each employee peace of mind.

Along with communicating changes within our Company, I try to give your mind a little food to digest, I like to do this myself, so I pass along some of my thoughts to you. Take a minute and think about the Quotes to Ponder found below. Hopefully they will help or motivate you, at least a little.

Now for some of the changes going on in our company…

Intec is changing health care providers from Aetna to United Healthcare. Every Intec employee should have filled out a new Health Insurance Enrollment Form for United Healthcare. This is your yearly opportunity to change your benefits package without a qualifying event.

* Please take the time and find out more about our new health insurance provider in the article below.

Other changes that are impacting our company:

  1. Comcast is transitioning to an ALL in-house Comcast employee dispatch team.

  2. Comcast is going to dynamic dispatching in all markets by 7/1/2015. The Big South and Atlanta are launching in the middle of May, Chicago launches in June, and is Houston is still TBD. (This does not include future Heartland markets) We have already had the regional meetings regarding this process, and it is going to happen.

  3. All of our Technicians and Supervisors will be issued i-devices by 6/1/2015. It is extremely important that you take care of this device, you must have an i-device to be issued work.

All of these changes and the direction our company and industry are going lead to one thing: Self-Reliance

Our clients want our field personnel to be self-reliant and so do I. Are we 100% there? Not yet. However, we are on the right path, we have the necessary policies in place, and we have highly trained and qualified employees. We will get there.

Below are the steps to being a successful, compliant & self-reliant technician - You may recognize this from the December Newsletter, I have decided to represent it because the volume of work issued to you and all Intec technicians depends on it. Your success and company’s success depends upon it.

Steps to being a successful, compliant & self-reliant technician:

Every employee needs to understand the following definitions:

  • FTRST - Field Tech Self Reliant Tool

  • ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

  • HIC - Home Integrity Check

  • UPTX – Upstream

  • MTF - Missed Time Frame

  • VOC - Voice Of the Customer

  • SOI - Service on Install (within 30 days)

The average day of a successful, compliant, & self-reliant technician:

Being in compliance starts before your get into the building. Prior to entering any Intec facility, technicians must have their uniform on. A complete uniform looks like the following: uniform shirt, approved work boots, visible ID badge, tan “Docker” work pants, and all outerwear must have only company, client, or NO logo’s anywhere. As an example, sports caps are not allowed.

Arrive at your local facility with enough time to turn in all unused CPE, to acquire new CPE for that day’s route and address any issues with your Supervisor from the previous day. Every single morning it is the technician’s responsibility to check their buffers on their handheld device (Technet) for CPE. Warehouse and Supervisors will help you if needed, just ask. This should take 30 minutes.

Prior to leaving the facility, on your handheld device, update the ETA to your first job. Drive to your first appointment. Never park in your customer’s driveway. All 1st appointments must be started by 8:00AM, in person and on your handheld device. No exceptions. Not doing this could mean 2 of the required metric items will not be met before the work has even started.

Knock on the door with a smile. :) Introduce yourself. Explain the entire job, exactly what’s on the work order, and explain what you will be doing, where the cabling will go. Everything. The customer may have different needs than what is listed on the work order. (Depending on the market, there are different procedures) Correct the work order to meet the customer requests. Double check with the customer, and set an ETA on your next appointment at this time. If you believe you are going to miss the time frame at any point, you must immediately call your supervisor. At this point, you should know how long it will take to successfully complete this job.

Begin the job.

Run a HIC test on your handheld to understand current levels. Go to the tap to verify levels.

Install all wiring and CPE.

Activate all CPE with your handheld, especially Modems and EMTA’s. If there is a failure to activate (could take 10-15 minutes to fail, if it does), IM dispatch. After all CPE is activated, go through full customer education. This should take 20 minutes.

Fully inform your customer of the VOC post call. 100% of your customers will receive one. Let the customer know this call is only to comment on your performance. After informing the customer of the questions, ask if there is anything else you can do to ensure a 5 for all questions. Any previous challenges with the client will not be addressed on this call. Thank the customer and walk outside.

Repeat the steps outlined above on every job.

If each and every technician follows the compliance/self-reliant rules on every job, everyone benefits.

I want everyone to have a great rest of April & May, stay diligent, and know I and the entire corporate staff appreciate each of you.

Stay safe,
Chis Matatall
Chief Operations Officer