Pros and cons

Pros & cons


  • In the future evidence show that humans would create technology that would hurt us as humans because human beings are becoming smarter and would destroy the earth and environment.
  • Fossils are probably the best argument for evolution. More and more of these rocks have been found over the years. What makes these fossils so persuasive is the order in which they appear. The Bible speaks of the entire Earth and animals and plants being created within the time frame of seven days. The fossil records however show individual species and levels for certain creatures. Also, the theoretical fossils would take millions of years to develop and yet creationists believe the world to be about 10,000 years old. Fossils are a mystery to creation science but can be explained by two scenarios. One is that the great flood mentioned in the Bible accounted for the creation of the process known as liquidation. This theory does have some problems as it doesn’t account for the clear division of species. The other theory is that God put them there as a warning or even proof. If you look to the book of Genesis, Moses clearly describes the layers before they were even found ordering creation in the way the fossils present it. It is interesting because how could Moses have possibly known the order before they were found.
  • People in the later years will have vestigial bones

  • We will happen in the future
  • Also , people will evolute in their habitat so it would be easier in the for them.
  • Things change In a positive way to make life easier for the later human